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Three Generations of Recommendation Engine 01 August 2021

  Since the dawn of internet, if there is one thing that is increasing exponentially besides bandwidth and speed, it’s information in the form of data. In the age of such information overload, if ... Read More

5 Industries that Need a Notification Management System 30 July 2021

  Notification Management system or notification engine has taken the limelight for the online businesses to increase the customer engagement. Be it a sign-up notification or, updating the customers... Read More

My Story: Rakesh Ranjan Samantaray 29 July 2021

  Why you thought of joining us? Joining Muvi was one of the best decisions I have made. It is indeed a privilege for any aspiring professional to have work experience with a reputed organization l... Read More

My Story: Tapas Das 29 July 2021

  Why MUVI? TD: Muvi is one of the best companies that I have worked with. The work culture and environment here is very flexible, healthy, and motivating. Muvi provides a lot of opportunities for ... Read More


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