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How The OTT Industry Can Benefit From Programmatic Advertising? 22 April 2021

Is your ad reaching your target audience? Do you feel it's time-consuming having to negotiate with many advertisers? Do you feel frustrated having to fill up the spaces in your ad inventory? If you... Read More 4 mins read

Entering an Era of Multi Codec Streaming 22 April 2021

  As we enter 2021, we can acclaim without doubt that H.264 (also known as AVC) is ubiquitous in the world of video streaming. Nearly every device and operating system supports AVC decoding either o... Read More

Beating the Pandemic: Story of a People-driven Organization 21 April 2021

The world has changed a lot in the last 365 days. When the government began to issue stay-at- home orders and companies mandated virtual work; everyone had to shift their priorities. The coronavirus ... Read More

What Automated Billing System Really Means? 20 April 2021

Automated billing system has become an integral part of most digital stores since the past decade. An automated billing system automates the generation of invoices and other billing related activities... Read More


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