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OTT Marketing Strategy: How to Increase Revenue 12 October 2021

  If you want to increase your OTT app downloads and revenue, you have come to the right place! This blog will give you a detailed insight about OTT marketing strategy that will help you not onl... Read More

What is a Notification System? 12 October 2021

  A notification system or notification engine triggers and manages notifications through various channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Emails etc. While many notification systems focus on only one channe... Read More

How to Track User Generated Content Analytics 07 October 2021

  Many online video websites/platforms have now enabled UGC or user generated content so that end-users of video platforms can now upload & publish their own video/audio content alongside sa... Read More

How to Manage User Generated Content? 07 October 2021

  Managing user generated content for Muvi end-users may seem a bit complex initially, but by knowing the detailed steps and the purpose of each one it can be done easily! Muvi's “User Generated C... Read More


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