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4 Steps To Create a Winning Video Pitch

sabyasachi Published on : 22 June 2021
Creating Good Elevator Pitch Videos


Look it’s quite simple, there’s just something about videos in general that captures people’s attention.

We live in an ever-so dynamic world where we’re constantly bombarded with information, so unsurprisingly grabbing a person’s attention is one of, if not the most precious commodities around.

Being a marketer have you ever asked yourself: How do I make the most amazing video to win over this client?

And, you’d be absolutely right with that thought process because according to a recent study done by Wyzowl, a staggering 84 percent of people have said that they’ve been convinced to engage with a particular brand, product or service just by watching their videos. 

So, before we dive into the necessary steps to create a winning video pitch let’s talk a little about what a video pitch actually is and how to go about it the right way.


What Exactly Is a Video Pitch?


Before you truly grasp the concept of video pitches, you must understand what a sales pitch is first.

So, a sales pitch (also known as an elevator pitch) is basically a brief but highly intense sales presentation typically given by a sales representative to grab a sale.

And, video pitches are nothing but super engaging sales pitches that use videos as their primary medium of communication rather than relying on those boring and monotonous text pitches. 

Now, that we know what a video pitch is, let’s focus on their benefits… shall we?


Benefits of Using Sales Pitch Videos


These are the reasons why effective video pitches make perfect sense.


They Grab Attention


When pitching an idea to someone you just have the first 3 – 5 seconds to grab their attention. And, videos work perfectly in this regard because they make use of all the senses and nothing works more efficiently than visual cues.


Enables You To Get Uber Personal in a Matter of Seconds


It’s a stone-cold fact that personalization is key to sales success.

Video pitches or more appropriately sales pitches give that essential personal touch while allowing you to deliver your pitch at scale.


Allows You To Tell Better Stories


What do you think is the best way to convert potentially interested investors into a surefire sell?

Two words: Effective Storytelling.

Good video pitches allow you to stand out effortlessly if you can combine storytelling with humour.

Secure video hosting can protect your valuable content from piracy and unauthorized access. 


Creating Good Elevator Pitch Videos



4 Simple Ways To Make The Perfect Video Pitch


Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here are 4 simple yet highly effective ways to make a truly engaging video pitch.


1. A Highly Engaging Introduction


Make sure to include a brief introduction of your company, explaining clearly who you help and the results you get them. 

This helps you get straight to the inevitable ‘what’s in it for me’ question which is constantly lingering on your potential client’s mind. 

Your pitch becomes much more relatable and effective if you know customer’s paint points and their end goal.


2. Position Your Unique Selling Point Perfectly


This is the most crucial attribute for your blog, making you stand out from the rest of the competition.

A user will only convert into a potential customer if you are able to successfully answer the questions, ‘Why should I join you or buy from you?’

Don’t waste your precious screen time convincing a viewer that you are really passionate about the service or product you are pitching on because it’s pointless. The hard truth is no one cares.

Instead, focus on delivering a killer USP that makes you different from every other organization providing a similar service or a product.


3. Define 3 Key Benefits You Want To Highlight


Your video pitch needs to be 2 minutes or less ideally. Since you already know the needs of your customer from your preliminary research you can highlight your benefits catering to those needs. 

Just remember to create an irresistible value proposition and highlight the top 3 benefits that resonate the most with your prospect.


4. Create the Perfect Thumbnail & Have a Strong Call to Action (CTA)


Follow these simple steps to create a good thumbnail:

  • Use an amazing font style
  • Use a great photo as your thumbnail background
  • Make sure to include title text 
  • Use a good contrast in your thumbnail design 
  • Create a branded thumbnail template 
  • Be honest and accurate and avoid clickbait 

Make sure to close with a simple but irresistible Call to Action (CTA). Also, ensure to communicate to your viewers what to do next so they have a clear picture.


That’s Not All!


We hope that you appreciate the sheer power of an effective video pitch through this informative guide. 

Also Read: 5 Tips To Create a Solid Video Marketing Strategy in 2021 incase you want to learn about video Marketing Strategies to uplift your visual content in 2021.


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Creating Good Elevator Pitch Videos



Written by: sabyasachi

Sabyasachi has over 5 years of experience with B2B and B2C contents. Writing has been an absolute passion of his since his high school days and he worships Anglo Saxon Literature. As far as hobbies go, he is an avid swimmer and a hiker.

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