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10 Best E-Learning Video Platforms [Updated 2023]

Shivashish Published on : 14 November 2023
E-Learning Video Platforms

Learning is important and learning must never stop. Learning digitally or learning online has opened ways to educate like never before. Today, a student can attend lectures from Harvard remotely by harnessing the power of video. E-learning is not restricted to just students attending lectures. Still, it is now a vast range of tools that drive corporate training, professional courses, and crucial training using Digital Twins. With the internet redefining education and training, if you are planning to get your platform online, it becomes crucial to select the right eLearning video platform and in this blog, we are going to list out 10 best eLearning platforms that are available in the market.

Before we dive into the list of platforms, we must first understand why getting a fully functional eLearning video platform is highly recommended. Any person can today start a live stream and start teaching people but this is not a viable long lasting solution. Here is why you must opt for a complete eLearning solution.

Why Get An e-Learning Video Platform for Online Education Setup

As said before, it’s easy to set up a live class setup. All you need is a camera and broadcasting software but an eLearning video platform is different. It is a collection of tools that help you create a complete virtual classroom and institute experience for your customers. And to be able to do that requires a range of tools and optimizations. In a classroom, a student needs to appear for exams so it will require a testing setup, a teacher might provide notes so your digital platform must also provide options to download them, and the platform must allow for offline viewing and the list can go on.

While online education and learning can offer flexible access to high-quality learning that is cost-effective and interactive in nature, building a self-paced learning environment that tracks progress and offers global collaboration is a task that is implemented in a good e-Learning video Platform and hence, it is highly recommended that you must get yours soon for your online business setup.


Features to Look For In An eLearning Video Platform

We now know that developing an eLearning platform is crucial for business success but it is not just about the platform that provides the best video quality. It is much more than just accessibility to video. eLearning platforms are virtual classrooms and therefore must include features that mirror an actual classroom experience. Here are a few must-haves of the eLearning Video Platform:


Content Management

The platform must provide an efficient way to upload, organize, and manage content on the platform. A seamless backend that supports nested content organization and management is highly recommended. 

Assessment Tools

Built-in tools for creating quizzes, assignments, and exams with various question types to give a proper testing environment and learning assessment.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The platform should be intuitive and easy to navigate, minimizing the learning curve for all users across multiple platforms such as iPads, Android tablets, phones, desktops, and much more.

Customization Capability

The platform including its video player must be customizable to create a branded user experience as defined by the service provider. It should allow multiple integrations and offer interactive features such as live chat support.

The list of features is quite endless and everything varies from business to business. The first step for you is to identify what you need and then build on that idea by slowly incorporating features from reputed eLearning video platform providers. Here are a few best ones that you must try before making a decision.


10 Best eLearning Video Platforms to Consider


Muvi One e-Learning Module

Muvi One is a global leader in developing OTT platforms that are used to stream on-demand and live content all over the world. Its eLearning module offers educational institutions a world-class platform to deliver effective learning experiences combining live lectures, nested video content creation, and support for over 16+ ecosystems. All of this is achieved without writing a single line of code.


Course Management – refer doc linked below

A centralized hub for your students to access course material, lectures, and other content on native apps giving any time and anywhere access.

Assessment & Evaluation

Create and deliver quizzes, assignments, and other assessments to your students and define processes that track and well as evaluate the learner’s progress and performance. Use default certificates or create your own and give your students grades during their learning journey.

Multiple Monetization Support

Deploy all forms of monetization on the platform for your students. Earn via monthly subscriptions and also earn from PPV content as well as by deploying ads as required. Get complete monetization support for your eLearning platform.

Customizable Interface

Design your eLearning hub the way you want. Choose from a wide range of templates or bring your own design and create a fully functional eLearning platform without any Muvi watermark anywhere. 

Multi-format course content

We support a wide range of formats including videos, audio, PDFs, and images so that you can upload your course content just the way you want!

Multilingual Platform

Add subtitles in multiple languages to cater to students from across the globe and scale your business rapidly. 

Course Recommendation Engine

Recommend related and interesting courses to your students depending on their choice of courses and areas of interest. 

Collaborate with students

Use chats, discussion forums, and video conferencing tools to collaborate with your learners and help them learn better. 


Get a free 14-day trial. Post that, plans start at US $399/ month.


VdoCipher offers secure and seamless video hosting software tailored for online course businesses and organizations, enabling them to effortlessly stream e-learning videos on their course platforms and applications, regardless of content type or scale.



  • Secured video playback backed by DRM-enabled setup to prevent content piracy.
  • AWS cloud infrastructure



Plans start at US $149 per month post 30-day free trial



Vimeo lets users teach online by building a video subscription channel with Vimeo OTT delivering quality video experience in real-time and on-demand mode. Vimeo also offers multiple app support for different environments.



  • Advanced selling options via rentals. Ads and subscriptions.
  • In-depth customer analytics



Contact sales



Panopto is a global video-hosting platform designed to support businesses and educational institutions in delivering online courses. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and no prior video hosting experience is needed.



  • Centrally managed content management system
  • Multiscreen setup for teaching
  • Student recording facility 



Contact Sales



Cincopa is a comprehensive streaming solution that provides a range of multimedia content management tools and storage options, with a particular focus on video hosting. Within Cincopa’s video hosting service, users can access a wide array of features and tools essential for creating video-based learning platforms.



  • Offers plans for all budget customers
  • Delivers instant analytics to monitor performance



Plans start at US $9 a month


Hippo Video

An industry-leading eLearning platform, Hippo Video comes with features such as AI characters, custom tools for video editing and analytics that can help teachers create highly engaging eLearning experiences from scratch.



  • Teleprompter integration
  • Video flows for curated content 
  • Deep analytics of content 



Plans start at US $20/month but contact sales for customized education plans



LearnWorlds is an online course platform that helps users create, sell and promote their online courses delivering effective training via videos, eBooks, 1:1 sessions, assignments, certificates and much more.



  • Easy to use infrastructure
  • Beautiful templates to choose from
  • Flexible & responsive pages



Learning Center plans that we recommend starts at US $249/ month


Dacast provides a comprehensive streaming solution designed to cater to the needs of educators and businesses seeking support for hosting both live and on-demand videos, specifically tailored for online training sessions and courses. 



  • Zoom meeting integration
  • Multi-user access on higher plans
  • HTML5-based video player
  • Mobile Broadcasting


Kaltura is a versatile tool designed for hosting video-based educational platforms and training libraries. It empowers users to create and deliver live and on-demand learning experiences using its cloud-based video education platform. Being open-source, Kaltura provides the flexibility to seamlessly integrate various applications.



  • Open source so highly customizable
  • Tools for monetization 
  • Advanced security features



Pay-as-you-go pricing which means you pay for whatever you use


IBM Cloud Video

IBM cloud video is a great option for delivering live as well as on-demand video experience for virtual classrooms. Built for larger budgets, it offers an extensive set of features that can setup educational platforms with ease.



  • AI-based speech recognition
  • White Label video player
  • Robust CDN architecture


Plans can go up to US $1000 a month. Contact sales for best offerings


Final Thoughts

The world of Live educational video streaming and online learning has evolved dramatically, and eLearning video platforms have become indispensable tools for individuals, educational institutions, and businesses alike. As we’ve explored in this blog, these platforms offer a myriad of features and capabilities to create a virtual learning environment that mirrors the quality and interactivity of traditional classrooms.

The options to develop a fully functional eLearning platform are many but none are as powerful as Muvi One. An educational platform going virtual can require a lot of things and our engineers have built the eLearning module to incorporate every requirement. Right from live streaming of classes to storing and streaming pre recorded sessions, Muvi One eLearning is your next step towards creating a near-perfect virtual learning environment. 

With Muvi One, get the best of data security, something that is highly required in the intellectual property business, deployment of Muvi Meetings for all your one-on-one discussions and world class streaming experience across every imaginable platform. Don’t believe us? Get a free trial today and witness the future of digital learning.


No, to access E-Learning content, you only need an internet-enabled video device and an internet connection. In special cases involving AR/VR, special equipment might be needed.

Yes, infact e-Learning platforms are very popular for corporate training especially in times like these when a lot of the workforce is working from home.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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