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Key Advantages and Use Cases of Cloud Playout Software

Ankit Jena Published on : 21 March 2022
Cloud playout software


The broadcast and media industry are undergoing noteworthy changes. Streaming media services are expected to grow by 73% by 2023. As the business environment becomes more complicated and challenging, broadcasters must choose a flexible technology to adapt to these changes. Cloud playout is a promising solution to achieve this flexibility and scalability. It allows broadcasters to launch new channels, deliver traditional and OTT content more efficiently without much investment.

The evolution of technology and virtualization have replaced bulky hardware and expensive broadcasting tools. A  playout software is a virtual interface that automates both live and on-demand content, media asset management, scheduling, encoding, cross-platform delivery in a complete cloud set-up.


cloud playout software


Major advantages of using Cloud Playout Software


Scalability and flexibility

The streaming service provider should be scalable and flexible to cater to varied audience segments. This will make sure that the business grows fast and survives with top competitors in the market. Cloud playout solution is scalable and flexible when it comes to boosting user engagement and increasing the average watch hours of users.


Seamless operations

Cloud playout software doesn’t need a huge team of in-house employees to maintain, migrate or upgrade the workflow. Cloud TV setup needs minimal staffing for operational activities. It uses the content delivery network to deliver content that is faster than traditional television. The Playout solution uses multi-DRM technologies that ensure video contents are secure on the internet.


Broadcasters can access detailed analytics

Key insights into the behavior of targeted audiences are essential to provide a personalized experience to the users. Using cloud playout allows access to detailed analytics of your targeted demographic to study the rate of engagement, watch time, preferences, etc. A watch on analytics helps broadcasters plan the delivery of content according to the location and user persona they want to cater to and thus increase their revenue.


Provide on-demand content

Unlike traditional TV, cloud TV can help broadcasters to offer the audience movies, television shows, and videos that are preferred by the audience. Providing relevant content to the audience helps exponential growth in viewership in the shortest time. Cloud playout solution uses a data-driven approach offering broadcasters an edge over competitors.


Cloud Storage

Last but the most important advantage of using a cloud playout solution is cloud storage. content when  stored on the cloud server  reduces the cost of investment in hardware and employees. It also helps in transcoding video files. Rendered files on cloud storage can be sent to the user’s device at any time. Cloudwards highlights the best cloud storage services available on the market?


Use Cases of Cloud Playout Solution


TV Channels

Broadcasters can use cloud playout solutions to create and manage TV channels with all the advantages of broadcast programming but without the operating expense. Broadcasting TV programs online gives users the flexibility of accessing their favorite TV shows at any time and any place on their smart devices with a stable internet connection.


Video-on-demand services

Cloud playout software helps broadcasters schedule video-on-demand content on their respective channel without any limitations. The playout supports single and recurring event scheduling, embedding on websites and applications, and auto-generates EPD. Online video player embedded in the playout solution supports the linear feeds to play across any player without any limitations to devices.


Live Streaming

Broadcasters can ingest multi-format, multi-frame-rate live feeds of varied resolution based on the events calendar prepared in advance to the playout’s playlist and live stream on multiple linear and OTT channels at unmatched scale.


Schedule On-Demand Contents Easily with Muvi Playout

Muvi Playout is a cloud playout software that allows broadcasters to launch live TV channels and broadcast pre-scheduled on-demand content sequentially in real-time on the internet. Our broadcast playout software helps broadcasters to schedule both on-demand content and live feeds on multiple linear channels using an advanced scheduler and convey a frame-perfect, coherent online TV experience. Bring clarity to your decision by taking a 14-days free trial now!


cloud playout software

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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