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Enterprise Content Management – What should you know about?

Ankit Jena Published on : 19 September 2022
Enterprise Content Management



Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the method of allowing organizations to securely manage content and information throughout its lifecycle. It securely stores content in the library and makes it accessible to authorized end-users. They are intended to manage and deliver one-to-any, on-demand or live video across the internet.

Most of the marketers are using video content on a regular basis, with 96% of B2B organizations using video content especially in their marketing campaigns. Once a business starts curating and sharing video content, video content management becomes a vital part of any business functions.


What is an Enterprise Content Management system?

Enterprise Content Management system is a type of software that aims to streamline the procedure of establishing all of your video content. This allows centralizing of all your contents and makes it easy to manage.

It might feel like quite simple but, managing video content has unique attributes that are not similar to managing other types of data, like images and text.

Video is universal in the current enterprise. From business communication to training as well as learning to executive collaboration and marketing – enterprise video has become a vital component of the contemporary workplace.

Enterprise video content management is a cohesive method of managing an organization’s video along with its digital assets. In a protected and centralized platform to capture, process, store, discover, manage, distribute and archive media for both internal as well as external use.


Enterprise Content Management


Why do businesses need enterprise content management?

The media content management scenery is emerging and organizations are under enormous pressure to acclimatize. An increase of digital media created, administered and distributed across companies daily has made media access, storage, discovery, safety, and amenability a top priority for business and IT leaders alike.

The rising pervasiveness of smart technologies has encouraged organizations to utilize artificial intelligence to mechanize the extraction of actionable insights from video and digital media to boost access to previously ‘locked’ data in videos as well as digital media assets.


How enterprise content management can help?

  • Support any digital media assets like video, audio, images, slides, docs., etc.
  • Decrease the cost of video and digital media management
  • Offer robust security as well as control for media privacy
  • Analytics and reports for tracking media and user analytics
  • Allow adherence to supervisory compliance
  • Enable media transferability and knowledge accessibility
  • Enhance organizational collaboration and boost employee efficiency


Benefits of using enterprise content management system


Huge Video Libraries

If your business is hardly creating any video content, you will be surprised to learn how big some video files can get. For example, a regular two-minute-long HD recorded video on an iPhone will get as large as 200 MB. Beyond storage capacity problems, you will also get the challenges of distributing video content across your business. An Enterprise content management system will make video management a simple and easy process. It will provide a natural user interface along with a ready-to-use API that your developers can integrate other key enterprise systems into.


Better Enterprise Video Delivery

Hosting is a solitary part of video management. Another important portion of enterprise video management is optimizing video delivery to your end-users.

Using an enterprise content management system will make sure that your enterprise video experience is unified. While several enterprise video platforms boast accessible integrations with third party solutions.

If you want to uplift the complete value of the video assets you create, you are going to require an enterprise video content management platform that will make sure that your videos can reach your audience rapidly, effectively, and with high quality.


Organization & Search

Metadata management along with categorization continues to be an essential part of making sure your video library is well planned and user friendly. There are common methods to categorize videos by content type, key topic, department, as well as publish date. Despite the knowledge management method you choose, be sure to keep your categories future-proof and spontaneous for your end users. An enterprise content management system will not only let you search across the metadata of your video library, but also inside the content of the actual videos.


Access Control

With a good enterprise content management system, you get the access to manage and govern the video contents with respective to compliance terms and business policies. You can properly check the video before sharing it to the end-users. This will prevent sensitive information being shared with the wrong parties or outside of the business. 


How to choose the right enterprise content management system?

Choose an enterprise content management system that provides the simplest and fastest way to deliver content on your website and applications. Some of the key aspects to look for in a enterprise content management system are: 


Built-in CDN

Always choose a content management system with built-in CDN hosting to deliver lag-free streaming across the world. Always choose a CMS that allows you to deliver video and audio streams more seamlessly and at a faster rate, optimizing our network for content delivery while diminishing the time for deployment and upfront investment costs.


Online Video Player 

Select an enterprise content management system that offers an entirely customizable HTML5-based online video player that assists you deliver the finest streaming experience to your audience. Packed with enormous aspects, your viewers can stream video content in a sparkling, distraction-free video player.


24×7 Support

Look for a CMS with a dedicated support team that continuously works around the clock to offer our customers support through different modes such as – Ticket System, Email, live chat, online tutorials, and help articles, etc.


High Security

Choose a CMS with high server security and that is tested to protect your contents against a host of security threats and is equipped with security features that protect you, your platform, your content and your users from several security threats ranging from hackers to pirates who are looking to steal your valuable data, leak the content and disrupt your platforms.

Muvi Flex offers an out-of-the-box enterprise content management system, where you can manage your whole video streaming platform from a single admin panel. Whether you want to manage your content players or select different monetization options, our video CMS lets you do it all. Take a free trial to explore all the finest features of the Muvi Flex now!


Enterprise Content Management

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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