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Guide to Run a Successful Hybrid B2B Conference

Ishita Banik Published on : 08 March 2022
B2B Hybrid Conference


B2B hybrid conferences are a new type of conference format that combines both in-person conference and virtual elements in the B2B sector. Such conferences let the participants take part both online and in-person in the venue. While the concept of such virtual & hybrid conferences is not new, the outbreak of the pandemic has made it a necessity for a while now. 


With people getting to know about its advantages more than ever, the concept of such B2B hybrid conferences is subject to remain relevant even in the post-pandemic years. Statistics says that more than 80% of the event/conference organizers could reach even a wider audience through virtual/hybrid events/conferences and B2B conferences are not any exception. As every other B2B player is adopting such virtual conferences to have additional benefits, it is high time that you too opt for it. To make your task easier, in this blog we will give you a complete guide on how to run a successful hybrid B2B conference. So let’s get started!


First of all let me walk you through the advantages of hybrid B2B conferences.


Advantages of Hybrid B2B Conference

As the name suggests, a hybrid B2B conference refers to the combination of both in-person and virtual conference where the group of people interacts in the conference both in-person and virtually at the same time. There are a lot of advantages of such conferences, especially in the B2B sector where meetings, events and conferences are a daily part of work. Here we have listed out some of the top advantages of hybrid B2B conference –

Higher Engagement and Data Collection

There are specific purposes for every B2B conference and some of them require reaching an even larger audience like other B2B players, partners, stakeholders etc. Live Streaming such hybrid conferences definitely implies that there are chances of  higher engagement, networking/connection building, reaching out to potential prospects or the specific audience that can be of your interest for your B2B business. 

Hybrid B2B conferences can meet all such requirements in an obvious way provided you are hosting them with a robust video/audio hosting platform. Here data collection refers to collecting the related data such as email ids, contacts, and other relevant information for the future purposes. These all can be achieved easily by integrating virtual event/conference app/software to track the online attendees, and other information. We will discuss this in detail later in this blog.

Higher Reach

If you plan to have a high reach of your B2B conference, then going hybrid/virtual is the way to succeed. Not only can you host your B2B conference both in-person and online but can also stream it live to unlimited viewers to boost your reach manyfold that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible for only in-person conferences. Another advantage is that live streaming your B2B conference allows the participants/audience to engage in real-time making it much more effective and purposeful.

Better Scope to Globalize

Globalizing your audience, extending your partnerships, or exploring new global opportunities with the overseas stakeholders – these all are some common goals for many of the B2B conferences. No doubt that it requires to connect and include participants from diverse demographics and timezones. Hosting B2B hybrid conferences is the only go-to solution in such scenarios where you can easily collaborate with as many participants you want through a quality hosting solution irrespective of their geographical locations.


It is evident that hybrid B2B conferences have become an integral part in the B2B sector. In order to adopt it for your business, it is recommended to have a clear plan/idea beforehand. So, we will have you covered in the next part of this blog.




How to Run a Successful Hybrid B2B Conference – A Complete Guide

For your convenience, let’s divide this into separate parts –

1. Plan Well & Define the Goals

B2B Hybrid Conference

Well-planning is a must to get started with your hybrid B2B conference as taking care of every detail beforehand can easily make the entire process easier and helps you understand the goals you are targeting for a specific B2B conference. You must take care of the following pointers while planning for your B2B conference –

  • What is the purpose of the conference?
  • Is it the first time that you are arranging such a conference?
  • If it’s not the first time, then what were the shortcomings of the previous B2B conference? What measures are you taking to avoid such shortcomings?
  • Who are the participants of the conference?
  • How many participants will be there?
  • What is the target/what outcomes are you expecting from the conference?
  • Are there more opportunities/scope to utilize beyond the main purpose of hosting the conference?
  • Apart from the main participants, is it of interest to others such as your audience or other B2B players or stakeholders? If yes, how large can they be in number?
  • What is your budget to host the conference? 
  • What set-ups/solutions/equipment will be needed for the virtual part of your B2B hybrid conference?


Outlining your plan in this way helps you move towards the right direction instead of wasting your time and resources unnecessarily.


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2. Define and Create Audience Tiers

B2B hybrid conference

In order to reach out to more audience than just the participants, you need to live stream your B2B conference so that the audience can not only watch but engage with your conference in real-time. This also helps you in data collection and your brand reaches out to more potential targets as discussed before. To make it more impactful and profitable, you can create audience tiers. For instance, you can host a freemium conference that will let the audience access the conference for free, but to avail more information such as discussion, knowledge sharing, and others they need to register and pay. Creating such audience tiers is not only profitable but also helps expand the audience base of your B2B conference.

3. Ensure Networking Opportunities for the Participants

B2B hybrid conference

Networking opportunities are always a common interest for the participants as well as the audience of any B2B conference. Always ensure that there are relevant market players, industry experts, stakeholders or potential business partners based on the B2B conference type. The target is to maintain a certain quality by providing the scope to network to the fellow participants as well as the audience. This will make your B2B conference even more effective.

4. Pick Up the Right Hosting Platform

B2B hybrid conference

Now comes the most vital part to execute your hybrid B2B conference plan – choosing the right audio/video hosting platform to seamlessly host your conference. The following must-have features in such a video hosting platform are what will help you make the right decision –

  • It has built-in and scalable CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure high quality video/audio streaming which is a must-needed feature for such hybrid/virtual conferences
  • It offers easy social media integration solution so that you can also share your conference on the relevant social media platforms
  • Offers multiple monetization models that help you earn from your conferences by creating audience tiers as mentioned above
  • Developer-friendly solution so that you can easily host, manage, and publish videos
  • Comes with a robust and simple-to-use video CMS (Content Management System) to let you manage the entire platform from a single admin panel
  • Provides add-ons to let you easily add subtitle in multiple languages for better understanding of the audience who speak different languages
  • Comes with MRSS (Media RSS) that helps in bulk export, customization, and others of your recorded B2B conference, business events, or other VOD content
  • Provides robust multi-DRM security to protect your confidential/sensitive B2B conference data
  • Offers analytics & insights to analyze your hybrid conference performance, engagement, output etc.

By taking care of the above-mentioned pointers you can easily opt for the right hosting platform and that will be half the task done!

5. Choose a Quality Live Streaming Platform

B2B hybrid conference

It is important to note that a live streaming platform is needed to stream your B2B hybrid conference live to the unlimited viewers. A quality live streaming platform that can seamlessly deliver your B2B hybrid conference content in real-time to the audience, can be your choice. While there are basic things such as multi-device and multi-platform compatibility, lag-free content delivery, simultaneous live streaming on multiple platforms, SEO optimization tools for recorded live videos are some of the mandatory requirements from a live streaming platform. There are more to look for to have higher advantages aligned with your B2B conferences and overall business goals. To know more in-depth about how to choose the right live streaming platform, read – Fool-proof Guide to Choosing a 2022-Ready 24/7 Live Streaming Platform.


By following these above-mentioned steps you can successfully run a hybrid or even fully virtual B2B conference. Don’t forget to promote and market it beforehand such as through social media boosted posts, email marketing, notifications etc. and analyze each conference to make the next one even more successful.


Transform Your B2B Conference into an Unbeatable Hybrid Experience

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Written by: Ishita Banik

Ishita is a Content Writer with Muvi Marketing Team. Apart from business writing, she is also an acclaimed author of three best seller romantic thriller novels. In 2020, she got featured in The Hindustan Times, a leading news portal as an inspirational Indian author.

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