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How to Bill your Customers if you are a Freelancer

kritika Published on : 01 June 2021


Freelancing has been a source of income for many around the world. People sometimes do it to get a kickstart for their careers, and some leave their in-office jobs to pursue full-time freelancing. There are many websites, such as and, where you can find thousands of jobs in your niche. However, the drawback with these freelancing websites is that you will have to give a part of your fee to them. A little unfair, right? So, we have got a solution for you. Why don’t you bill your own customers? 


Why is it Necessary to Bill Your Customers on your Own?


Whether through a website or independently, when you work as a freelancer, it is always your responsibility to get the money from clients. Sometimes, the clients would never agree to give you money because let’s face it, some clients are a nightmare. What to do then? This is why it is essential to ‘bill’ your customers through an invoice or a billing platform. As this will hold authenticity, the clients will always have to pay you. If not, you can press charges against them. Moreover, you have done the entire work and put all your hard work into it. Why would you want to give it to someone else? Even if it is 20 percent.



How can you bill your customers?


The first and the most common method is to write an invoice through a Google document. There are many other websites that also offer this feature for free. However, a better way to bill your customers is through billing platforms. Why? Because billing platforms will give you the comfort and convenience, you need. 

Imagine a situation where after working for seven days, you create your invoice for the customer; the payment method you added was through the Bank. However, customers ask you that he or she will pay through Paypal. Now again, you will have to start from scratch and create a new invoice, and if you don’t have a PayPal account, then you will have to create one. But, with billing platforms, they will take care of everything. And the best part is, you hardly will have to do anything on your own – just putting the price. Templates will be there for you to choose from. Templates, such as an Invoice and Receipt Template, ensuring you can quickly adapt to different payment methods without starting over.

More importantly, you can pre-decide your rates. For a client who requires your work weekly or daily, you can have a different invoice format. For customers who rarely ask you for your work, you can ask them a little extra to pay you. Basically, you can decide want you want, just like in your work, in a very easy way. So, what are you waiting for?


Wrapping Up


Take control of your life in the right way through billing your customers. Explore more about Billing Platforms through Muvi Billing and try its 14-day free trial


Written by: kritika

Kritika Verma is an Associate Content Writer and works with Muvi Marketing Team. She is an inbound marketing professional and ensures high-quality traffic on the Muvi website through her blogs, articles, and more. She has an engineering background but always had a knack for writing. In her free time, she is either on Quora or on (Mostly losing).

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