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How to build an e-learning streaming platform?

Lavanya Lanka Published on : 30 September 2021
Build your own E-learning platform


With the ongoing pandemic, several industries have been going through major transformations to work around the various restrictions. The education sector too saw digital transformation as it moved from conventional books to technological learning, specifically through interactive videos. The significant benefit of the online e-learning video streaming services is that they improve and enhance the overall teaching and learning efficiency in a classroom. It helps personalize the learning for every student instead of following the same approach for every student.


The online video platform has put an end to barriers of time, distance, travel, and geography. Despite being in an online classroom, a perfect online live streaming for education platform can help students feel back-to-colleges. The platforms offer significant advantages to the students, which help them engage well with whiteboards, presentations, screen sharing and avoid them being distracted.


Features to focus on while building your e-learning platform


Look for customization options

Make sure that you choose a streaming platform that offers customized solutions and personalization. It is recommended to select a white-labelled streaming platform that helps you build your platform with your logo and branding.


Multiple monetization models

Always build an online video education platform with multiple monetization plans like pay-per-view, subscriptions, ad-based models, etc. It ensures you have numerous revenue streams and make the content accessible to students.


Built-in CMS

Having an in-built CMS in your platform eases the retrieval of the uploaded content and ensures better security to your content.


On-demand learning

It is recommended to choose a platform that allows the creation of on-demand content and categorizes it into playlists. Check if the platform provides an option to upload the PPT and PDFs for the students as part of the learning.


Live stream courses

Build a platform that can live stream the training from Instructors. Add a DVR-enabled live stream where your students can pause, rewind and replay the live classes in real-time. It helps in building an interactive learning environment for your students.


LMS Integration

It is always an excellent decision to integrate the Learning Management systems to enhance the learning experience. Go for a fully customizable cloud-based eLearning platform that allows seamless integrations.



Always launch your platform with a studio-approved DRM that ensures end-to-end security for the ingested and streamed content. Check out the multi firewall, screen recording protection, dynamic watermarking, VPN detection and support to establish a platform with robust security features.

E-Learning Store

Plan an e-learning store where your students can get access to the official online store. You can sell customized study materials, merchandise, and more.


Performance tracker

Make sure you have included a performance tracking feature in your E-learning platform. It helps you monitor the learner’s engagement and progress. Check out if you can integrate Google Analytics and generate custom reports for your platform.


Steps to launch your e-learning platform

  1.   List out the features that you need for your e-learning platform
  2. Choose the best online video streaming platform that helps build your platform with good features
  3.   Configure using the API features and integrate your LMS
  4.   Start uploading and sharing the content library in the CMS
  5. Once the LMS integration is done, you can start launching your courses and teach your students.
  6. Utilize the analytics to improve your approach and personalize the teaching methodology for your students


Wrapping it up


The best educational streaming service is the one that keeps the students and teachers in the first place and works seamlessly while making sure to experience better. If you are thinking about building an online E-learning platform, Muvi is the best online video streaming in education platform with the great features discussed above. Try a 14-day free trial period and explore the possibilities.


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Written by: Lavanya Lanka

Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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