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How to build audiobook app like audible?

Lavanya Lanka Published on : 20 September 2021
Build Audible like platform with Muvi

The world turned towards Audiobooks

As it seems, we have increased time for introspection and reflection these days in a world where we all are running helter-skelter and have no time for following some of our good habits like reading. Technology has made it easy to connect with the books we love. Whether in workout sessions, commuting, waiting in a queue or driving, all our favourite books are now at our fingertips. Audiobooks are right here to fill the space for individuals who have a super-busy schedule.

If you are an avid listener, chances are you have run through many audiobooks than you can count. Whether your favourites are inspiring audio docs or out of the world scientific sagas, you have likely built up quite the listening library. 

If you are doing business, technology is always the right answer if you’re making plans to position your investments at the right place. In this article, we offer you a whole lot to build an audiobook platform just like Audible. 


Audible – The top trending Audiobook platform 

When it comes to Audiobook platforms, the one that is a magnum opus is Amazon’s Audible, a platform with more than a hundred million significant downloads on the Google Play store. Millions have access to this platform. 

It is Audible that made everyone look into the audiobook platforms. The platform made it easy and exciting for people to download and listen to their favourite books on the go. The platform is highly flexible and convenient to the users, which is why people love to use audible.

Publishers covet audible, and the platform works like a book aggregator that allows people to share books they have listened to . The distribution charges will be paid to the copyright owners in which they benefit from their publications on this platform.


How does Audible works?

The Audible platform is available on both Android and iOS platforms. A monthly or yearly subscription charge is applied for the users after the 30-days free trial period. The subscribers can gain access to over 200,000 books that are categorized under various genres.

According to the Audible platform, on average, a person is downloading a minimum of 20 books in a year, making the subscription plan very affordable and friendly.


The working of Audible is simple and easy. All you need to do is subscribe after 30 days free trial, select your favorite book genre, and listen to your favourite book just at your fingertips.


What to look for while building a platform like Audible?

So, you may already have a good reason why you should invest in building an platform like audible, and now, it’s time to look into the essential things you should understand before entering into the development process.

Audible has over 200,000 books on its shelf, so if you want to start a similar platform, where did you get all the material needed for your Audiobook platform? This article helps you explore the sources and essential features to look at in an Audiobook platform.


Where do you get the material for your Audiobook platform?


Hiring narrators

Hire people to narrate the top bestsellers and upload them on your audiobook platform under the premium subscription. The process takes much time, effort, and money, but it is very beneficial in the long run.


Book Marketplaces

Book Marketplaces like ACX are audiobook production services that are owned and controlled by the Audible platform, which helps account holders to publish their audiobooks on their platforms. It links everyone involved in the publication and works on the complete account holder agreement.



Few firms offer to share their audiobook content via APIs instead of selling directly to the beneficiary. It assures copyright control.


Other sources

To stand out from the competitors, businesses have to offer something different from their competitors. Your platform’s USP can be anything. For example, audible has introduced offline downloads, customer reviews, podcasts and served complimentary needs to clientele.


The standard features to look in an audiobook platform


There are some situations where users may complain that the playback has stopped while consuming the audiobooks. It is crucial to choose the right platform to build your Audiobook platform to come out without any flaws. So that you can ensure better stability and one could listen to the audiobooks while multitasking.


Reading Speed Controls

Speed controls are the best feature you should develop in your platform  since not every user can consume/listen to books in the same flow. It is always beneficial to develop this feature for the users who dedicate their specific time to listening and are curious to know what happens next in the book. In that instance, these speed controls can give complete control to the user on the books. Keeping a feature like this, certainly helps in boosting the subscriber rate as well.


Compatibility with Carplay or Android Auto

People prefer to listen to their audiobooks on the go. Most of them like to listen to the book while driving or travelling. So, Audiobooks that can synchronize well with different players in cars can add value. Check out this feature and try to implement it in your upcoming Audiobook platform.


Downloads and streaming

Provide download and streaming options for your customers and see the growth in subscribers rate. If you can turn out your platform by understanding your user’s expectations and experience, it’s a sure win for the businesses. By providing online streaming, users who don’t have enough memory in their devices can benefit from this feature.


Sleep time

Sleep time allows users to set a time limit in which the Audiobook will stop automatically according to the fixed time. It is one of the best features when users like to read at night and usually sleep listening to Audiobooks.


Trial Audiobooks

Make sure your platform is designed to offer some trial Audiobooks as well, this helps your users to experience the platform, features, playback quality and other things before they decide to opt for a subscription. You can grab more customers in a short time if you can provide a better user experience.


The option to resume

Starting over whenever the user’s login from other devices is quite troublesome, and forces the users to lose interest in consuming the content. So, make sure you power up your audiobook platform with this feature.


In-built Audiobook store

Reputed platforms like Audible, Scribd offer an in-built audiobook store where users can buy their favourite books from the store. Users have the convenience of purchasing and consuming the content at one stop without stepping out from the platform and surfing the web to buy it somewhere. This feature has proved to be successful as it delivered the best shopping experience to the users.


Audio & Written formats at one place

If you plan to provide both the audio and pdf version of the books for your users, it will add value to your services. So, make sure you look into this feature while building your Audiobook platform.


The Revenue model of the Audiobook platform

Before making the decision to develop such a platform, it is always good to understand the revenue streams associated with your business plan. It helps you to define the possibilities and project the ROI in a better way.


Here are the Revenue model possibilities for an Audiobook Platform:
Monthly Subscriptions

After completing a trial period, users are requested to subscribe with some minimum subscription charge to continue the uninterrupted services. The subscription charges can be charged monthly. For instance, Audible charges $7.95 per month for uninterrupted services and some occasional discounts as per the demand.


Yearly Subscriptions

You can also provide flexibility for your loyal users by giving them the option to pay yearly subscriptions without the need for paying multiple times. You can introduce attractive discounts to encourage your users to subscribe yearly.


In-app feature subscription 

Provide limited Audiobooks and give access to free downloads. It helps you cap the premium content or give users an option to unlock the advanced features with a paid subscription charge. This way, you can provide a premium user experience for your loyal customers on the platform.


Subscription for unlimited access

Let the users have an option of accessing bulk Audiobooks with a separate subscription fee where they can surf any book without any restriction, across the platform. But the majority of users prefer a low subscription package to stay connected with the platforms.


Investment for building an Audiobook platform

Why should you invest in Audiobook platform development?


We are in the era of digitization with a few players, but you can notice a maximum number of users. The need for innovation has been turning the pages of the story. One such innovation that the industry has introduced is ‘Audiobooks‘. The concept of Audiobook platforms has created a great buzz, and the number of users is increasing day by day, which has established a high demand in the market. This is the perfect time to invest in this platform to utilize this surge, audience interest and convert it as your revenue source.

This is the most asked question when it comes to the development of any new platform. The answer always depends on the following factors:

  • The complexity of the platform
  • Integrations
  • Costs associated with the books
  • Implementation of Advanced technology, Chatbots, Recommendation engines
  • App building platform costs


Apart from the above factors, hosting services, library size, premium functionalities in the platform also adds to the investment. 

Did you know? The best way to reduce most of the investment is to build an Audiobook platform on a ready to launch enterprise software. And what better than the ready to launch online streaming platform called ‘Muvi’. The platform allows businesses to build their own audiobook platform like Audible instantly with zero coding. Want to know how?  Why not try Muvi 14-days-free trial period to explore more? Register today.



Written by: Lavanya Lanka

Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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