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How to Create an Online Cloud TV Channel

Sreejata Basu Published on : 18 August 2021
How to Create an Online Cloud TV Channel


While traditional TV broadcast viewership is deteriorating with more millennials cutting the cord, online TV channels have started to pick up the pace. Compared to their predecessor, online cloud TV channels are now becoming more popular amongst broadcasters owing to their cost-effectiveness, scalability, and more flexible and technology-friendly infrastructure. Broadcasters are now venturing into cloud playout- driven software solutions to launch online TV channels across multiple platforms to reach the Gen Z audience.


How Can I Start My Online Cloud TV Channel?

Starting your online cloud TV channel is simple, once you narrow down on a professional cloud playout solution equipped with futuristic features and functionalities to help you reach your business goals. Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you will be ready to launch your internet TV channel in no time:


Choosing your Online Cloud TV Playout Platform

Let’s assume you have some amazing TV content that you want to stream on your website, but do not have the playout software you would require to schedule and stream it on your video streaming website. So, to start your online TV channel, you have three options:


  • You can build your playout software by coding in-house. Of course for this job, you would need to have a complete technical know-how on the subject


  • If you have the budget, you could hire a professional developer to build the cloud playout software for you. Although this option is expensive, you have the advantage of getting a custom-made content delivery platform tailored according to your needs


  • The simplest of all options- you can opt for a readymade cloud playout platform like Muvi Playout to create online TV channel without any coding hassles


If you want to explore more on the features of a cloud playout software, read our blog- Features of a Best-in-Class Cloud Playout Solution


Features an Online TV Playout Platform Should have

While there are a lot of advanced features a cloud playout solution can offer you, here are some of the basic requirements you would be needing from your playout solution partner to launch your cloud TV channel:



1. Both VoD and Live Content Scheduling

Opt for a cloud playout solution provider that lets you host both VoD and live stream content based on your event calendar prepared in advance. By delivering a combined set of content, you can cater to a wider audience on your OTT platform, giving them the option of switching between live or on-demand video.


With Muvi Playout, you have both the options of starting a live TV channel and/or broadcast pre-scheduled VoD content sequentially in real-time over the internet.


2. Customizable Playout Software

For launching your online TV channel, make sure you choose a playout software that allows you to customize your TV channel matching your brand persona. For example, customizing design requirements like matching the streaming player with your logo, social media links, etc. fairly easily without any coding requirements. 


Muvi Playout is completely customizable and allows white labeling to customize your online TV station based on design, deployment or any added functionalities.



3. Multi-Device Streaming 

Nowadays, video is consumed more on mobile phones and streaming content on just one platform does not suffice, as there is a range of different devices and platforms from which users consume content. It is therefore imperative to choose a cloud playout platform that delivers a frame-perfect, online TV experience supported across multiple devices – be it the web, mobile operating systems like Android, iOS or Smart TV platforms.


Muvi Playout lets you stream online TV channels across channels and devices like the web, mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and Smart TV platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV without any hassles!



4. Custom Content based on Geography

Choose a cloud playout platform that can deliver customized content based on the user’s geographical location helps you with language and region based content push. Nowadays, delivering personalized content based on viewers’ interests and geographical location is the need of the hour. Cloud playout ensures to address this growing demand for tailored content, by delivering personalized programming and advertising. This option comes in handy for localizing your channels based on geographical locations and time-shifts as per necessity.



5. Finding your Niche

The biggest challenge you might face before starting your cloud streaming TV channel is finding your niche, that is, the type of content you want to stream. Although it’s completely okay to juggle between all kinds of content just like a traditional TV channel would, it’s wise to focus on a niche for building your community of loyal users. Some of the most popular online TV channels focus on showcasing one kind of content like sports, fashion, travel, etc. If you are keen on running a subscription-based channel, finding your niche would be a necessary step as you would have to target customers interested in the same niche and build a community. 


6. Equipment Needed for Launching Cloud TV channel         

If you are planning to run a 24X7 live TV channel, you should invest in some basic equipment. Here is a list of the basic equipment you would need to launch your cloud TV channel:

  • Camera: If you are planning a 24X7 live linear streaming, invest in a professional-grade camera to record the live feed. 


  • Microphone: A lavalier microphone comes in handy for recording the audio of live feeds


  • Tripods for placing your camera


  • Mixing equipment – Using more than one camera and microphone will require the need of a mixer and/or switcher to mix and switch between multiple audio/video sources.


7. Monetizing your Cloud TV Channel          

There are three ways to monetize your online TV channel – advertisements, TVoD, and subscriptions. Which monetization method you should use depends on your target audience and your budget. In general, a subscription-based model is the most popular monetization model as it offers a more stable and predictable monthly income. 


Muvi Playout supports multiple monetization models including PPV, advertisements and subscriptions.


Wrapping Up,

While starting an online TV channel in-house can be a complex and expensive process, opting for a cloud-based playout solution is the easiest and most affordable way to launch a streaming TV channel. Since it’s a niche market, there is not much competition you would have to face.

With Muvi Playout, you can launch your live TV & Audio channel instantly and broadcast pre-scheduled on-demand content in real-time over the internet just like a regular linear TV. From bulk upload, automated scheduling to real-time transcoding, Muvi Playout works as a holistic playout solution for delivering live and on-demand video across all devices and platforms- be it web, Android, iOS, or Smart TVs.

Why not take a 14-Day Free Trial and test our end-to-end cloud playout software that aids broadcasters deliver frame-perfect TV content across multiple devices and platforms?

Written by: Sreejata Basu

Sreejata is the Manager for Muvi’s Content Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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