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How to launch your eSchool with Muvi One’s eLearning Module?

Shivashish Published on : 07 June 2023

The future of education is at your doorstep. With the advancements in technology, the very definition of the classroom has changed considerably and has been replaced by online learning via tablets and computers instead of traditional chalkboards and textbooks. In today’s times, eLearning has become very popular and has changed the way education is approached. With the help of technology, students can learn in the comfort of their homes at their own pace and teachers can still monitor progress using analytics like never before. 

What is an eSchool?

eSchool may be defined as an online school or educational institution that provides courses and programs using digital means. A virtual alternative to the traditional classroom, it allows students to complete their education from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to the internet.

While traditional classroom-based schools deliver lessons using books and mandate physical presence, eSchool on the other hand offers a more flexible and customizable approach to learning.  Eliminating commute, eSchool imparts knowledge in the form of live and recorded lectures, pdfs, interactive quizzes, and much more. 

Several organizations are slowly shifting a lot of courses to online delivery mode and various governments are also recognizing the importance of online learning and keeping the degrees obtained via online mode at par with regular classroom courses.

Importance of eSchool in Present Times

eSchool has become increasingly important and popular in present times due to the significant shift towards digital learning. The growing internet penetration and smart device availability have further fuelled this enormous growth to the extent that educational institutions around the globe are slowly shifting toward online learning. Here are a few important factors why:

  • Accessibility: eSchools provide students with access to education from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This means that students who live in remote areas, or who are unable to attend traditional schools for other reasons, can still receive a quality education.
  • Flexibility: eSchools offer a flexible learning environment that allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This is particularly beneficial for students who have other commitments, such as work or family responsibilities, and cannot attend traditional classes.
  • Customization: Schools often offer a wide range of courses and programs, and students can choose the ones that best suit their interests and career goals. This customization allows for a more personalized and engaging learning experience.
  • Technology: eSchools can use a variety of eLearning technologies to deliver content and even conduct examinations.

Muvi One’s eSchool: Redefining Classroom

Schools have changed and it’s time for you to set up your own online school with Muvi’s e-Learning ecosystem. Using the Muvi One CMS, you can create your very own eSchool and combine it with other Muvi tools such as Muvi Live and create a learning environment that can work on a desktop as well as indigenous applications designed specifically for this purpose.  

A comprehensive tool, the Muvi Academy can help you create a website from scratch with no coding required, provide support for applications, add content, and monitor progress all from a single CMS and this is where the game begins. 

Why Launch Your eSchool with Muvi Academy

If you are thinking of launching your own eSchool, there are many factors that have to be considered, and choosing the right platform is one of them. That’s where Muvi One comes in. A powerful tool built to deliver results, Muvi eLearning can be your software partner in providing state-of-the-art online education. A few reasons why you must opt for Muvi Academy:

Top Features of eLearning You Must Know

  • No-Code Platform: Just like all our offerings, Muvi One’s eLearning module also comes as a no-code package. This means that you do not need to have any previous coding experience to design stunning websites and applications with your own custom branding.
  • Live & On-Demand Classes: You can choose to live stream your lecture or send it as a recorded version to your students to view later. A chat window is also enabled so that students can raise their questions.
  • Student Management: With SSO (Single Sign-on) feature, enrolling students and monitoring their progress becomes very easy. Also, everything happens on the backend, and no 3rd party redirects.
  • Priority on Security: With the latest digital rights management technologies in place, your content is protected against piracy. Muvi also protects student data, payment information, study material, etc so that only authorized people can access can access it.
  • Monetize Online Classes: If you wish to go on the AVOD model, you can monetize all your content and start earning from it right away.
  • Powerful Analytics: Monitor your streams and the student activity (videos watched, assignments submitted, etc) from the analytics dashboard and take decisions backed by insights.

How to Get Started with eLearning?

Muvi eLearning is an extension of Muvi One and its offerings. To keep things simple, we allow our users to use the same CMS and start creating their very own eLearning platform. The first step here is to activate eLearning from the Muvi One CMS. Here are the steps on how to do it.

  • To activate E-Learning, navigate to “Content Management–>Content Settings” in the CMS.
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab under the Content settings.
  • Enable “E-Learning”, when asked for confirmation, click on “Activate”.
  • Once the E-Learning is activated, the website template will be automatically changed to “Citriene”.
  • A new Nested Content Group will be created automatically for E-Learning with multiple levels like “Chapters” and “Lessons”.
  • The E-Learning menu will appear in the CMS menu.

Muvi One eLearning

Once the eLearning module is enabled in the backend, you can start adding courses or the subjects that should be visible on the platform. The course can be divided into multiple chapters and each chapter can have multiple lessons. To start adding courses on Muvi One’s eLearning simply follow the following steps:

  • To add the “Course”, navigate to “Content Management –>Content Library” in the CMS.
  • Under the “Content Library” tab, click on “Add Content” on the extreme right-hand side.
  • Select the “Video” from the drop-down in the “Content-Type” field.
  • The content format will be selected as “Video“.
  • Select the “Group” name e-Learning from the drop-down.
  • Type the “Course Name” (e.g., Product Training, Employee Training)
  • Content “Permalink” is automatically generated. You can also edit the permalink.
  • Select the “Content Category” from the drop-down. To know how to create a ‘Content Category’ click here.
  • Type the “Story/Description” for the course.
  • Type “Search Tags” for the course. After typing the search tags, type the comma (,). You can add multiple search tags for the content that helps search the content easily by the end-users.
  • Click on “Banner” to upload a top banner for the content. Click on “Add File” to upload the banner image. You can also upload different banners for “Website”, “Mobile App”, TV App”.
  • Click on the “People” tab to add the instructor for the course.
  • Select the Person Type from the drop-down. You can also create a new type by clicking on “New Type”. Search the name of the cast in the search box and click on “Add”.
  • Click on “Add On“, to add a file, video, or audio with the video content. Select the ‘Media Type, type the “Label Name” and “Upload” the file.
  • Click on “Add File” on the extreme right to upload “Thumbnail”. You can select the image from the Asset Library(if you have already uploaded it) or you can upload it directly from your device.
  • Click on “Save”. The content will be saved and the encoding process for the video will be initiated on the server. After the encoding, the content can be viewed by the end users.
  • To preview the content, click on “Preview”.
Muvi One eLearning
How to add courses to eLearning

So just like that, you can set up your own courses. There are various other features and add-ons that you can integrate with this. From adding quizzes to mapping those quizzes to marks and then assigning certificates to the people based on criteria as defined by you, you can design your own eLearning platform. Here is a help article that will help you with everything.

Why Launch Your eSchool with Muvi eLearning

The future of learning is learning online and the market is perfect for you to set up your own eLearning setups. Muvi eLearning can be a game changer for the future of education. If you are thinking about starting your own eLearning platform that sells courses, corporate training, lectures, etc, book a consultation with us today. 

CMS for building eLearning websites


What is Muvi One’s eLearning Module?

Muvi One’s eLearning module is a virtual learning ecosystem where schools, teachers, corporates, etc can host their content and deploy monetization and DRM to create an online learning platform.

How can I get started with Muvi One’s eLearning Module?

Simply get a Muvi One subscription and activate the eLearning module from the instructions shared above.

Can I customize the look and feel of my eSchool?

Yes, the entire look and feel of the website & apps can be customized to meet your personal choices and brand guidelines.

Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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