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Who should meet Muvi at IBC Amsterdam 2019? 20 August 2019

Meet Muvi at IBC 2019 - OTT Platform Provider


Muvi is all geared up to present its customizable and instantly deployable OTT platform at the world’s most prestigious media and technology show – IBC Amsterdam.

Muvi, being an innovator in the OTT industry, is a proud participant of the upcoming global media and technology meet at IBC, which is taking place in Amsterdam from 13-17 September 2019. During the event, Team Muvi will be exhibiting the world’s most customizable OTT platform at Hall 14, booth B02.

Whether you are a digital content creator or a top-notch media broadcasting company willing to set up your own OTT platform, consider exploring Muvi which will help you launch your OTT platform in minutes without typing a single line of code. Yes, it’s that simple!


What’s new this time from Muvi at IBC?

A lot! Muvi has been a regular at IBC for the last 4 years and the crowd has traditionally been wise, picky, and at the same time embracing. So, we kept our best bet for IBC. 

  1. You will get a live demo of Muvi’s customizable OTT platform with a detailed 1-to-1 walkthrough in the CMS exclusively at IBC. You will be given a chance to build your streaming website right at the booth. 
  2. Meet our architecture expert at the booth and talk about any integration you want. 
  3. Get to know about Muvi Ecosystem, usage, benefits of the individual products.
  4. Get a sneak peek to our upcoming features.

Who Should Not Miss?

  • If you own a streaming platform already, but not satisfied with the service and looking for a suitable alternative.

Expert Tips: From content migration to payment gateway integration, get advice from our experts exclusively in detail at IBC.  Book a VIP slot now to talk with our platform migration expert at the event for a fully confidential discussion at your convenience.

Do you know?

1 out of 15 customers of Muvi have migrated from another platform. They cite budget-friendliness and efficient customer support to be the primary reasons they prefer Muvi over others.


  • If you have a streaming channel, but struggling with dismal subscriber numbers, lack of good content, poor user engagement, high churn rate, etc.

Do you know?

Our intimate customer loyalty program is dedicated to customers and their holistic growth. Our 500+ customers have shared their valuable experiences in the OTT industry and how they have embraced any change that has come across their way and the challenges they have encountered. Learn from experiences, straight from our customers through us. 


  • Want to build a streaming platform, but not sure what does it take? How much would it cost? How will you manage? Well, your answer awaits you at Hall 14, Booth B02

Expert Tips: Get a comprehensive overview of Muvi and our expert will tailor a suitable solution for you with features apt for your business, suitable monetization model, formulate a business plan to drive initial subscribers and bring the traction that is needed to scale further.


For optimal utilization of your meeting, take a free trial of Muvi now. Delve into the details of the platform and come up with your idea of a streaming solution. We will get it for you exactly the way you want.


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Sreejata Basu
Sreejata is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. She is a passionate writer with a background in English Literature and music. By week Sreejata spends her time in the corporate world of Muvi, but on weekends she likes to take short hiking trips, watch movies and read interesting travelogues.

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