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OTT Vs OVP: Is There A Difference?

Shivashish Published on : 26 December 2022


The world is swamped with OTT & OVP services. OTT or over-the-top platforms refer to services that allow you to stream media content over the internet and delivered directly to consumers via images, videos, audio, etc. On the other hand, OVP, or online video platform is a much simpler platform that allows users to access video content online. Now, when we talk about OTT and OVP, we see that they are alike in some sense and different from a larger perspective. Before going deep into what is the difference between the two of these platforms, let us first understand what each one of them is.

What is an OTT Platform?

Over-the-top content delivery platforms simply provide users access to content over the internet but there is a difference here. OTT on the other hand offers streaming services to the users on their own terms of choice. OTT lets you select the device of your choice (tab, phone, TV, etc) and then open a variety of content accessible via the internet and charges the user on various models such as subscription models, pay-per-view, advertisements, etc. The same applies to updates, podcasts, audio streams, etc.

Netflix, the technological giant is the best example of an OTT platform that gives users a variety of content over the internet using multiple subscription models whose prices depend on the number of users accessing a particular account. With Netflix, you can stream The Big Bang Theory on your iPhone, desktop, TV, etc at any time you want just by paying a minimal subscription fee, unlike CBS on traditional IPTV where it streams at 9 PM every day. OTT, therefore, gives users the freedom to choose. Again, the traditional IPTV uses the internet protocol to deliver content to the end user, it does not offer the choice to the user as to what content they want to watch and restricts them to a specific timeline but OTT does.

What is the OVP Platform?

An online video platform or OVP platform refers to an app or a website that hosts and delivers video content to the users some of them even offering live streaming capabilities. Youtube is the best example of an online video platform. Youtube stores and manages the content on its platforms and with technology, stream it all over the world. It offers multiple advertising schemes to support the platform and gives user-generated content a stage to showcase its talent. Online video platform concerns themselves with video alone distributed and managed in a way that the end user gets great recommendations and viewing experience.


What is the difference between OTT & OVP platforms?

As said before, both OTT and OVP platforms are very similar. Both can stream content to users at the user’s convenience. Both of these platforms offer multiple types of subscription models and both of these platforms are very popular across all age groups. In fact, there is also an opinion that both of these are essentially one and the same thing. However, there is a striking difference between the two of them. OVP may be defined as a subset of OTT. That is to say that all OVP content is OTT content but vice versa is not true. OTT platforms offer users app updates, audio streams, podcasts, live matches, online shopping, etc whereas OVP is a much simpler design that offers just video services like Youtube.

Still, confused about what OTT or OVP platform you should invest in? MUVI ONE is the answer.

Ever dreamed of having your very own Netflix or Youtube to stream the content you create on the internet and earn from it? Let Muvi, a leader in streaming and innovation technology be your companion in your journey of hosting a streaming platform for all types of content such as podcasts, live streaming, multiple episodes, movies, etc.

With the Muvi OTT platform, you get

  1. A no-code platform where you can upload, design arrange your content without having any prior coding experience. For everything else, there is 24/7 support too.
  2. Best digital rights management techniques applied to your content so that it is accessible to only those who pay for it.
  3. Almost all types of subscription models are deployable at the click of a button. Also, deploy multiple models too.
  4. Multiple ad servers are available so that you can run ads and earn from them, Configurations are straightforward and you can do it yourself.
  5. 40+ payment gateways are available so that you can take payment from any country in their own currency.

The list is endless and we are proud to be the first choice of many of the top content creators and distributors worldwide but we also take care of those who are new to this business. Hence our plans start at as low as $399/month and it gets you pretty much everything to start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is OVP OTT?

OVP OTT may be defined as a video platform that hosts and distributes videos using OTT or over-the-top technology.

What is the difference between VOD & OTT?

Video-on-demand or VOD simply means a service that provides you with video whenever you ask for it in return for a fee depending on the monetization model deployed by the admin. OTT on the other hand is the technology through which VOD services reach a user device.

What is OVP in Media?

OVP in media means an online video platform that can have its uses in a variety of domains such as entertainment, training, e-learning, etc.

Is youtube an OTT platform?

No, youtube is not an OTT platform. It is an OVP platform.

How do OTT and OVP platforms offer different advantages?

Refer to the blog above.

How does an OVP platform benefit users?

OVP platform can be a great opportunity for a creator or a distributor to earn money from videos by deploying various monetization models on the platform. If your content revolves around creating videos alone and nothing else such as downloadables, shopping stores, etc OVP is the platform you should choose. Muvi can help you set up your own OVP platform within minutes.


Written by: Shivashish

Shivashish works as a content writer at Muvi. He has worked in domains like e-commerce, employee engagement, sports and entertainment. A poet by heart, Shivashish believes in creating quality content that is rich in information and easy to understand.

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