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How to Stream Film Festivals Effortlessly with Muvi Playout

Ankit Jena Published on : 30 May 2024
Stream film festivals


Recently online film festivals have evolved as an enormous player in the entertainment world. With the increased availability of high-speed internet and the popularity of streaming services, filmmakers and festival organizers alike are embracing the digital arena to promote their work to a global audience. This move has democratized the festival experience, allowing cinephiles from many backgrounds to participate with a rich tapestry of cinematic storytelling without being constrained by geographical limits or limited seating capacity.

Choosing a reliable streaming platform is a major step to ensure success of any online or offline film festival. As audiences increasingly turn to digital channels to consume content, the demand for seamless, high-quality streaming experiences has never been greater. From flawless playback to robust security measures, festival organizers must prioritize the selection of a platform that can meet the evolving needs and expectations of their viewers. Failure to do so risks alienating audiences and tarnishing the reputation of the festival itself.

Muvi Playout is a comprehensive streaming solution designed to empower filmmakers and festival organizers with the features they need to deliver exceptional viewing experiences. With its intuitive interface, scalable infrastructure, and extensive customization options, Muvi Playout enables users to seamlessly manage, monetize, and distribute their content across a wide range of devices and platforms.


Stream Film Festivals Seamlessly With Muvi Playout! Start Your Free Trial Today!


How To Stream Film Festivals Using Muvi Playout?

If you want to stream a film festival in multiple rooms offline as well as online via cloud streaming platform, Muvi Playout’ would be the best solution for you. With our EPG broadcast software, you can seamlessly schedule and broadcast a set of pre-scheduled on-demand and live videos to viewers.


How To Schedule Your Movies Using Muvi Playout?


Add Content To The Scheduler

To add new content into the scheduler, simply locate and click on the “Manage Scheduler” icon positioned conveniently on the right-hand side of the channel interface. This intuitive feature grants you easy access to customize and organize your scheduling preferences with efficiency and ease.


Select The Time Zone

Please choose the appropriate time zone from the  drop-down menu. For example, if you wish to display your programs to users in India, kindly select “Asia/Kolkata (UTC +05:30)” from the list. This will ensure that your scheduling aligns accurately with your target audience’s local time.


Drag And Drop The Content To The Scheduler

Once you’re in the scheduling interface, you’ll likely see a calendar or timeline view where you can schedule your content. Find the movie you want to schedule from your library, and simply drag it onto the calendar or timeline at the desired time slot.


Type The Content Name

As you drag the content onto the scheduler, you may be prompted to enter additional details such as the content name. This helps you keep track of what content is scheduled when.


Set A Time Duration Gap

Depending on your preferences and the scheduling requirements, you may need to set a time duration gap between each movie. This ensures there’s enough time for transitions, advertisements, or other content between movies. Most scheduling interfaces allow you to easily adjust these gaps.


Start Playing

Once you have all your movies scheduled with the appropriate gaps, you’re ready to start playing. Depending on your settings, the scheduled movies should start playing automatically at their designated times.

With Muvi Playout’s advanced scheduler you can schedule and playback your festival movies in a pre-programed and automated manner, without any manual intervention to multiple rooms as well as online on various devices.


Stream film festivals


Benefits of Using Muvi Playout To Schedule Film Festivals


Advanced EPG Scheduler:

Electronic Program Guide (EPG) scheduling is crucial for film festivals, where multiple screenings are planned across different time slots and venues. Muvi Playout provides an advanced EPG scheduler that allows you to efficiently manage the scheduling of screenings, ensuring viewers can easily navigate and find the films they want to watch.


Output to Multiple Screens and Destinations from a Single Source:

Streaming Film festivals often involve screenings at various venues and online platforms. Muvi Playout enables you to distribute content to multiple screens and destinations simultaneously from a single source. This simplifies the distribution process and ensures consistent playback quality across different venues and platforms.


Protect Your Stream with Multi-DRM Security:

Content security is paramount, especially for streaming film festivals that showcase exclusive and copyrighted content. Muvi Playout offers multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) security features, which protect against unauthorized access, piracy, and content theft. This ensures that filmmakers and content owners have peace of mind knowing that their intellectual property is safeguarded during the festival.


Adaptive Bitrate for Optimal Streaming:

Streaming quality can vary depending on factors like internet connection speed and device capabilities. Muvi Playout incorporates adaptive bitrate streaming technology, which dynamically adjusts the quality of the video stream based on the viewer’s network conditions. This ensures optimal streaming performance, reducing buffering and ensuring a smooth viewing experience for audiences, regardless of their device or internet connection.


Dedicated Account Manager:

Streaming film festivals involve numerous logistical challenges, and having dedicated support can be invaluable. Muvi Playout provides a dedicated account manager who assists organizers throughout the entire process, from initial setup to ongoing support. This personalized support ensures that organizers have access to expert assistance and guidance, helping them navigate any challenges that may arise during the festival.


Use Muvi Playout to Seamlessly Stream Film Festival Both Online And Offline

Muvi Playout is an online film festival streaming platform that allows you to program and schedule the films. Muvi Playout is a cloud-based EPG style broadcast software that helps customers schedule and broadcast a set of pre-scheduled on-demand & live videos to its viewers.

Muvi Playout’s advanced CMS supports multiple formats, allows you to upload bulk content, transcoding in real-time, with multiple imports to efficiently manage the festival’s log and quality control, and enhance encoding speed. This results in minimizing your work as Muvi Playout’s robust scheduler enabled them to schedule the films at a pre-scheduled time prior to the time of broadcasting. Enabled with multiple scheduling layouts, you could schedule programs either through the calendar or the drag-and-drop layout option. Start your free trial now! 


  • Advanced EPG Scheduler
  • Output to Multiple Screens and Destinations from a Single Source
  • Protect Your Stream with Multi-DRM Security
  • Adaptive Bitrate for Optimal Streaming
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Yes, Muvi Playout is suitable for both large and small film festivals.

Yes, you can easily integrate Muvi Playout with your existing platform.

Muvi Playout provides flawless playback as well as robust security measures to enhance the viewing experience of your audience. Muvi Playout enables users to seamlessly manage, monetize, and distribute their content across a wide range of devices and platforms. Muvi Playout provides an advanced EPG scheduler that allows you to efficiently manage the scheduling of screenings, ensuring viewers can easily navigate and find the films they want to watch.

  • Global accessibility
  • Increased audience reach
  • Convenience for viewers
  • Cost-effective for organizers and attendees
  • Flexible viewing schedules
  • Reduced travel expenses

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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