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Top Online Video Platforms that Power the OTT Revolution Worldwide

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 14 August 2018
Online Video Platforms - OTT Revolution Worldwide

Today watching shows on TV has evolved from a world of limited options to a world of unlimited choices. The future of watching shows is OTT (over-the-top). According to research by Parks Associates, the number of households subscribing to an online video platform will cross 265 million by 2022. The global OTT subscription market is predicted to grow at 24.0% in 2018 all thanks to the faster internet speeds, cheaper data rates, increasing internet penetration and constant change in the content consumption pattern.

This digital transformation of the entertainment industry has led to a growth of various online video platforms to rival the traditional pay-TV powerhouses. More media organizations are looking to capitalize on this growing trend and capture a bigger pie of consumer base.


This blog puts light on the top online video platforms for managing video content.



Muvi is a SaaS based OTT platform that supports audio, video, and physical goods selling. With Muvi, content owners can launch OTT platforms instantly without any coding knowledge and any help from the technical IT team! Muvi provides an end-to-end white label multi-screen video platform to build, manage, and deploy website and apps for mobile & TV ecosystems.


  • Live stream video, audio and sell physical goods- all at one place.
  • A cost-effective option for video and audio content owners to launch their own platform.
  • Muvi takes care of it all- from IT Infrastructure to CDN, CMS, Transcoding, DRM, HTML5 Player, Payment Gateway, Monetizations, User Management, Analytics, Website and Mobile & TV Apps.
  • Muvi supports multiple content monetization options such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD/Pay-Per View with a payment gateway of your choice.
  • An out-of-the-box CMS, where you can manage your entire OTT platform across all devices, apps, and platforms, from a single admin panel.



Dacast is a Streaming as a service platform which provides video hosting and live streaming solutions to all OTT media business. The platform can be used to monetize video and create high quality streaming video. DaCast uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) for distributing content to its viewers.


  • DaCast has an inbuilt paywall which can support pay-per-view and subscriptions, along with various configuration options.
  • Video API offers complete, programmatic access to every feature of the service and it adheres to REST standards.
  • The platform is ideal for broadcasting audio content, both as a live stream and from audio files (MP3, AAC, M4A).
  • DaCast has ‘do it yourself’ service which empowers the total management of features.
  • Users can create secure VOD and live streams in the cloud using integrated professional tools such as a native HTML5 player, video transcoding and automatic archiving of live streams.



Brightcove is another leading provider of online video platform and online video player solution. With Brightcove, users can broadcast video using any screen (tablet, mobile, PC and desktop) across any distance.


  • Brightcove online video platform can be used to schedule video content using license restriction.
  • Brightcove supports systems such as content management systems (CMS), audience measurement technology, ad serving, marketing automation platforms (MAPs), and ad management so that users can launch their online video or audio easily.
  • Users can manage ad blockers with Brightcove’s server-side ad insertion (SSAI) tool to
    protect revenue.
  • Brightcove supports both advertising and subscription on demand based content monetization method.
  • From video hosting, interactivity, to MAP integrations, the platform provides robust live streaming functionality to help you take video to the next level.


JW Player Live

JW Player Live is another leading online video platform for hosting audio and video content. Popular for its video player, JW Player Live allows users to easily and quickly live stream events on any device using tools integrated into the JW Platform tech stack and JW Player.


  • JW Player has a user-friendly dashboard which enables users to set up and begin live events broadcast in minutes.
  • It uses an internal network of servers to deliver content, rather than through a CDN.
  • JW supports advertising monetization tools, but isn’t much a fan of pay-per-view or subscription payment methods.
  • The platform consists of a number of different APIs including the Platform Management API, which doesn’t support live streaming through the API.
  • JW has a flexible HTML5 video player to deliver HD on-demand live video across any desktop and mobile browser.



Ooyala is an extensive and open video content management platform to curate, publish, manage, and monetize content easily. Ooyala Flex Media platform allows users to distribute live and VOD content anywhere and at anytime.


  • Ooyala flexible solutions include live streaming, content management, playback, and much more.  
  • The platform uses easy-to-use tools and third-party integrations to help users create and launch their premium OTT offering in weeks.
  • From pay-per-view to paywalls, Ooyala supports multiple monetization method to help you earn the most from your video content.
  • Ooyala Flex Media Platform delivers comprehensive  media asset management to meet your needs.
  • The platform’s advanced MRSS feed solution offers a flexible way to manage content to people who need it.


UStream/ IBM Cloud Video

Formerly known as UStream, IBM Cloud Video is an end to end online video platform for media enterprises. With IBM Cloud Video, users can broadcast live streaming video on the internet directly from a mobile using its mobile broadcasting application or from the IBM Cloud Video website.


  • Video content can be streamed through IBM servers located worldwide and provides good performance.
  • IBM Cloud Video’s Enterprise plans supports subscription based monetization method. Advertising can be integrated through API but it is only limited to expensive and high-end plans.
  • Through REST API, IBM Cloud Media offers complete programmatic access to the platform.
  • The platform is secure and it gets automatically updated with new features in order to engage your workforce, reduce costly updates and continuous IT maintenance.
  • IBM Cloud Media has software defined content delivery network (SD-CDN) layer, which allows to seamlessly deliver online video content to various geographical locations



Livestream is a online video-sharing website where users can view, share, and upload videos on their own using phone and tablet through the internet. Using Livestream’s API and platform, users can distribute high quality video for apps, social channels, website and OTT platforms.


  • For delivering content, Livestream uses an internal server network.
  • Livestream provides video API to users on a higher priced custom plan.
  • The white-label embedding feature allows users to secure their viewership with password protection and domain restrictions.
  • Livestream’s Enterprise and Custom plans provide various monetization options such as advertising and subscription methods.
  • The platform provides cross platform analytics to gain valuable insights into your viewership across various social mediums

The media and entertainment industry is flooded with various online video platforms for launching audio and video content. But choosing the best platform is no cakewalk. A hasty decision might result in an investment nightmare which will only further if one is not aware about the nitty-gritty of the streaming ecosystem. Given the growing nature of the industry and the increasing consumer base, it won’t be wrong to assume that online video platform is here to stay. But each step must be taken wisely.

Now that we have brought you to the list of top Online Video Platforms for hosting content, why not sign up for our 14 days free trial to get a look at the features all by yourself!

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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