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Webcasting | The What & Why

Aditya Nayak Published on : 27 April 2022


The increasing popularity of webcasting among businesses to host their online events signifies its potential for global audience coverage. Businesses no longer need to host regional events; instead, they can host virtual events using webcasting. It enables guests to attend the event using their mobile devices by just clicking on the event URL.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what webcasting is and why businesses should opt for it.

What is a webcast?

The word ‘Webcast’ is derived from the combination of the words “Web” and “Broadcast”. In the most simplistic terms, it is a broadcast of video and audio on the web. It refers to one-to-many communication, which enables businesses to reach out to millions of users all at the same time.

Webcasting is reliable, robust, and designed to address a wide range of audiences globally.

It can be done for streaming live and pre-recorded content. The streaming content is sent to a software encoder, which is then converted into digital formats to be transferred over the internet. The video and audio transmissions are broadcast to a wide range of geographical regions without compromising the content quality with the help of CDN (Content Delivery Network). Once the streaming file is received by the viewers’ or listeners’ device, it is then decoded into suitable video files by the video players.

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Why should a business opt for webcasting?


Top 5 Benefits of Webcasting-


  • Low cost


With webcasting, organizations are eliminating the need for traditional events, which demand travel, venues, accommodation, and additional expenses to operate an event. It assures businesses of saving extra money spent on organizing events and helps entrepreneurs reach out to the targeted global audience.



  • Improves brand’s visibility


Live webcasting helps businesses connect with their audience. By providing the audience with various ways to interact, like live chat, Q & A sessions, quizzes, voting, polls, and CTAs, you are starting a two-way communication between your business and the targeted audience. It increases the rate of response and involvement, which results in building transparency between the business brand and its customers.


  • Repurposing the content 


Once your live stream has ended, you can store & save the streamed content in the on-demand video library. Having a resourceful on-demand video library on your website can boost your website traffic and help with lead conversions and engagement.

The other way you can repurpose the content is to create presentations from the live event content and use it to create commercials or marketing videos.


  • Accessibility 


Let’s take an example: if you are going to attend your favourite brand’s product launch event, but unfortunately, you are stuck in traffic and about to miss the whole event. In such a scenario, you wish for the event’s online availability so that you can attend your favourite event just by sitting inside your car and waiting for the green light. Event webcasting allows attendees to view events virtually from any location, at any time.


  • Generate revenue through a paywall 


By using the option of pay per click, you are generating revenue for every view you get on your webcast. With the paywall facility, you can monetize your streaming content and allow the audience group to buy virtual access to the webcast and attend the online event.


Selecting a professional webcasting service provider will help your business get connected with a wider group of audiences and generate high revenue from low investment.

Muvi’s all-in-one OTT platform helps businesses launch their robust, multi-device video, audio, and live streaming platforms by offering superior solutions like VOD, live streaming, monetization, DRM, CDN, and much more.

Now you can take a 14-day free trial of Muvi One and experience how easy it is to launch an OTT platform.

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Written by: Aditya Nayak

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