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Why Should I Opt for Geo Targeted Ads?

Ankit Jena Published on : 13 December 2021
geo targeted ads


Geography plays a vital role in targeting a particular local market. It has opened several doors for advertisers to market their products in their preferred location. Geo targeted ads help focus on targeted audiences of a particular colony, town, state etc. It results in conveying relevant messages to the end-users and offers better return on investment.

Integrating geographically targeted ads through a dedicated Ad server to your online streaming platform, website or application allows you to target local individuals with your brand message..   


What is a Geo Targeted Ad?

The practice of delivering multi-format ads within a particular geographic boundary to users who view the content. Geo targeted ads allow businesses to attract users according to their behaviors and demographics.

It excludes audiences and locations that you don’t want to target. Geo-targeted marketing offers highly personalized and relevant messages that can drive noteworthy engagement and ROI.


Geo-targeted ads


Why must you choose Geo-Targeted Ads?


Bespoke content

Targeting users based on geography allows you to create ads that are relevant to a particular group of audience. Knowing the user’s behavior based upon their location allows you to display ads with specific stores or products that they are searching for and might find from your brand.  You can also target your audience through their local culture and festivals. Emphasizing these details make your message more personalized, leading to maximum clicks and conversions. Aligning action-based digital ads help earn maximum revenue.


Successful Marketing Resources

Geo targeting advertising is helpful for those businesses that only vend their product in a particular location. Targeting ads in the places where your products are accessible or already successful helps you utilize marketing budget or resources more effectively.

Segmenting ads by location helps your business use the marketing funds in other ways too. Since location-based ads can be more personalized, you will witness a better return on investment when the audience relates to your ads.


Product and market Expansion

Testing a new product in a smaller location can help stakeholders modify offerings before a grand launch. Most of the marketers have used this testing method with traditional forms of marketing such as TV ads and billboards. Digital geographic ads help more effectively in particular location-based testing. Another great advantage of geo-targeting is the capability to gradually enlarge your company’s reach into particular areas.


Authority Building

Geo location targeting helps businesses build authority for whatever product or services they are offering in that particular region. It could emphasize the information that is relevant to community events, respond to common queries, associate with other neighboring businesses or target locations where your possible users spend time. Geo-specific ads help companies make best use of the marketing budget and naturally connect with the community.

If you are having an online platform and looking for a fruitful method of making money by sourcing ads from local businesses, there is no better option than Muvi Ads.


Manage Your Digital Ads with Muvi 

Muvi ads allow you to host and convey multi-format ads to your website or application seamlessly. You can host ads across several platforms from one place. It helps manage your ad account with multi-format advertisements and streamline the delivery workflow. 

Manage your ad-inventory all from a single-screen and convey action-based ad experience to a vast group of audience making sure enhanced user-engagement and constant ad revenue. Start our 14-days free trial to enjoy all the features to power your modern digital advertising needs. 


geo-targeted ads

Written by: Ankit Jena

Ankit is Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing unit. He is a passionate writer with 5+ Years of Experience in Content Creation And Development. In his past time, he likes to dance, play football and google various things to quench his thirst for knowledge.

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