Add Bonus Content

Keep your viewers engaged by adding trailers, teasers, music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers etc.


Add multiple assets at a time

Muvi One allows you to add multiple assets at once for any primary content. You can specify the number of bonus content pieces you wish to add, categorize and format them, and upload them simultaneously in one go.

Multiple format support

Muvi One provides support for various file formats, allowing you to upload a range of content types such as videos, audio files, and even PDFs. This flexibility gives you more options to choose from.


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Customized appearance on the storefront

With Muvi One, you have the power to control how your bonus content is presented to your users on the front end. You can choose the placement and appearance of these assets on the user's screen. Moreover, Muvi's One Visual Designer offers extra customization options for the look and feel of your bonus content.

Additional metadata

Assign separate label names and additional metadata to your bonus content and improve the visibility and searchability of assets. This allows users to search for bonus content with utmost ease.

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