DVR-enabled Livestream

Let your users Pause and Rewind Livestream

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Muvi's DVR feature lets your users pause, rewind, and replay video/audio live streams. 

When a DVR stream is detected, the end-user can use the sliding window to seek back in time or go live, all the while the event is live and in progress. With DVR enabled, your users can rewind and replay the live broadcast for upto 30 minutes.


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  • Supported on Multiple platforms

  • Pause, Rewind and Replay Live Streaming
  • Supported across Third Party Players
  • Manage DVR from your CMS

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Supported on Multiple Platforms


DVR feature is supported across web and mobile(Android and iOS) platforms. This gives your users the flexibility to pause and rewind stream content from their Android & iOS phones and lets you engage them across devices. DVR is available on mobile browsers and applications.

Video live streaming

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DVR enabled live streaming

Support for SRT and VTT

Pause, Rewind and Replay Video Live Streaming


As an admin, you can enable your end-users to pause, rewind as well as replay the ongoing live stream event by upto 30 minutes. The DVR feature allows your users to do so by using the play/pause button on the player control. When your users seek back the livestream, the “Live” button on the screen changes to “Go Live”.

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Supported across Third Party Players


Worried about integrating the DVR feature with third party applications? Our DVR feature is supported across all leading third party platforms.

DVR enabled video live streaming
video live streaming

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Manage DVR from your CMS


DVR feature gives you the ability to enable or disable the same from your CMS. Enable the DVR feature for your livestreams at a click of a button and allow your users to rewind your livestream feed by 30 mins.

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