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Social Media Integration

Integrate Social Media & Expand Your Reach

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Social Media Platforms have become the essence of marketing. If you are not optimizing your social media potential, then you are missing a major share of your Video Streaming audience.

With Muvi it is easy to integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and any other social media platform in to your Video Streaming Platform.

You can share the posts for latest released content and upcoming shows on your Video Platform, interact with your viewers, organize contest for the most popular content on your Video Streaming Platform and many more.

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  • Enable Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Maximize Your Reach
  • Interact with Social Followers
  • Announce New Releases

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Seamless Integration

Muvi offers seamless integration of all the major Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube etc. Interact and engage with your social media audience and grow your Video Streaming viewers.

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Easy Sharing

Social Media audience are always in the hunt for new and trendy content in the web.
Notify your Social Media Followers by offering post to latest content releases and upcoming feature movies and TV shows from your platform. Frequent sharing of post and engaging with your Social Media followers will help boost the potential of your Video Streaming Platform.

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Single Sign-on (SSO)

Enable Single Sign-on into your Video Streaming Platform. Allow your viewers to access by logging in from Social media accounts such as Google and Facebook. This makes login simpler and faster by getting rid of long & complicated forms to improve your quality of registrations.

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Re-Targeting Code

With Muvi, it's easy to Configure & Add Multiple Re-targeting codes to selected pages from your platform. You can Add Facebook Pixel Re-Targeting Code and track the performance of your platform from Facebook and various other Social Networking sites.

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