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Desktop/laptop’s 37% share of the ad landscape is now the lowest ever 17 June 2016

The FreeWheel Q1 analysis, out today, has some fun stats, measuring some aspects of streaming that don’t get put out there very widely, very often.


The FreeWheel report says desktop/laptop’s 37% share of the ad landscape is now the lowest ever.
Ad dollars are now being spread nearly equally between those laptops and OTT/VOD (36%) and smartphones and tablets (27%).

A major change this quarter is OTT’s new standing as the second-most monetized platform in the U.S., now delivering slightly more than one out of five ads,” the report says. “There’s room for further growth too, as new devices and publishers enter the OTT landscape, which we expect to continue throughout 2016. Look for the living room’s share to continue to rise.”

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