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Audio app AmpMe looks to acquire 5 mn users in India 31 May 2017

Amp Me

Canadian startup AmpMe plans on introducing AmpMe, an audio-syncing app between June and July to acquire smartphone music streaming users through partnering with some of the top Indian Music/Audio streaming platforms or Apps like Gaana, Saavn or Hungama. The target for subscription in the first year is 2-5 million users in India. Servers have not yet been deployed in India hence currently Indians who download the app may not be able to use it properly.

This free-to-use app works by enabling the ‘host’ to sync their music with their friends’ devices. The host can play music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify or their own local library available on their respective device(s). AmpMe uses a server-centric proprietary audio fingerprinting technology to create synchronization instead of using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, to connect devices together. This app works with a regular data plan, Wi-Fi network or a personal hotspot.

When the play button is clicked, friends automatically see nearby friends or anyone whom they want to share the music with (nearby party) or for listening to their playlist. Upon clicking ‘Join’, their devices auto-sync, thereby enabling the syncing and sharing of music with the group/party selected. Read More

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