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Business models, legal issues hold back IP video technology 18 June 2015


The media and entertainment industry is getting in its own way in the campaign to package content for a younger, OTT-friendly audience. Most companies are struggling due to their adherence to traditional TV business models, which impede the effect that current technology could have on IP-based, over-the-top video on demand technology.

“It’s all the same bits,” SeaChange CEO Jay Samit told an audience at the opening session of the OTT Executive Summit in New York. “It’s the business models and legal issues that hold back technology.”

However, Samit added, those business models “are crumbling faster than anybody has ever imagined.”

Samit gave the example of technology developed for an Android-based tablet that allows users to “swipe” content they’re viewing from the tablet to a television screen in the same room. It’s an idea that builds on Google Chromecast’s “cast” capability, but it hasn’t been implemented.

How traditional M&E players and distributors like pay-TV companies are handling the transition to a predominantly OTT environment was the overarching concern of the opening summit session.

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