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Businesses use live streaming to increase engagement 26 February 2016

Live Streaming is trending. Ease of availability, high engagement and affordability are the biggest reasons. Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat, and even YouTube’s Live streaming are the popular options today. Businesses are using live stream to connect with their users effectively. Some use Periscope to stream new launches to their target audience and keep it for 24 hours for replays. Some marketers are even using Snapchat to connect with their target community. From streaming presentations to using it to increase engagements, brands are exploring methods to reach consumers in a new way.

Muvi has options that allow businesses to have their own live video streaming services like IPTV and WebTV. It also has options like Periscope and Facebook Live that allow viewers to live stream on phones, and all of that with a few simple clicks to setup. Contact today.

Source: Business2community

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