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Cable’s Video Subscribers Loss Will Be Made Up By Broadband Gain, says Moody’s 04 November 2015


Moody’s Investors Service has predicted that the rising demand for broadband services will be a relief for cable networks leaking video subscribers to streaming counterparts. And hence, the Cable landscape in 2016 is to remain fairly stable through out the year.

Key Issues Highlighted:

  • For every video subscriber lost, cable signed up 1.4 broadband customers. In 2016, Moody’s are projecting 2.4 times the earlier figures.
  • Total number of broadband subscribers went ahead the total number of video subscribers in 2014 and by 2016, it will have a 7 percent edge over it.

Moody’s notes that industry consolidation over the disruption by OTT video services resulted in a number of ground breaking deals over the past year, but further consolidation is unlikely across 2016 due to the size and concentration of the major and niche players.


Source : Indian Television

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