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Channel Surfing dies a slow death as SVOD takes the driver seat

As per studies, channel surfing has taken a hit with increasing SVOD consumption across the globe. People are rather glued to a particular OTT platform or a specific online content rather than casually flipping through channels on TV.

Studies reveal that 39% of viewers tune into live programming from a traditional pay-TV provider, down from 47% last year, while on-demand sources (collectively) were the first choice for 48% of viewers.

Among younger viewers aged 18-34, only 26% lists live TV as a default viewing option. Around 50% of the same demography subscribe to at least two SVOD platforms among Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu.

Peter Fondulas, a principal at Hub and co-author of the study says: “As online, on-demand platforms continue to become mainstream, live viewing has become the exception rather than the rule.”

Among OTT services, Hulu had seen a staggering subscriber jump of 58% while Amazon Prime and Netflix saw 49% and 48% jumps respectively.

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