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Subscription (SVOD)

Sell Videos Online on Subscription (SVOD) Model

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Monetize your Video Platform on Subscriptions (SVOD) model and offer variable plans to your viewers. You can design your own plans, charge monthly, quarterly or annually and even offer free trials to your subscribers. All plans come default with recurring payments, so you do not need to worry about a thing. You can either offer the entire video library or part of it under Subscriptions, giving you the right edge to control your Monetizations plans.

With Muvi, everything is instant on a click of a button, you have the complete freedom to give your site a personalized touch and monetize the platform as per your business needs.

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  • Create Custom Plans
  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Manage Subscription Plans
  • Configure Free Trial
  • Auto Upgrade / Downgrade of Plans
  • Works in Hybrid Mode (SVOD + PPV + AVOD)
  • End User Self Service
  • Payment Failure Notification

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Create Flexible Packages

Muvi allows you to quickly and easily create flexible packages and customize your subscription plans. You can offer Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Plans to your subscribers as per your business model. Muvi’s auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically renew the subscriber’s subscription at the end of their cycle taking over the head-ache of reaching out to your subscribers for payments.


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Configure Free Trial

Your viewers will like to explore your Video Streaming Platform before subscribing to it. Muvi enables you with an option to provide Free Trials to your viewers to take a tour and explore your platform for the desired duration before subscribing. This enhances your trust-worthiness as subscribers get to explore what is the actual potential of your Video Streaming Platform. At the end of the Free Trial, their credit cards are automatically charged as per the plan they have selected.

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Multi-Currency & Multi-Payment Gateway

Muvi supports Multi-currency and integrates with Multiple payment gateways offering your subscribers a chance to pay from their local currencies. You can have a truly global platform where you can charge a visitor based on their location either in USD or Euro or GBP with variable pricing for each currency.


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Auto Charge Credit Cards

Muvi enables you to automatically charge your subscriber's credit-card on their due date taking over the head-aches for you and your subscribers on missing out on their renewal. Not only this, Muvi also handles invoicing and billing for Video Streaming Platform without any manual intervention.

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Manage Failed Payments Automatically

When we say end-to-end solution, we mean it! In any case if your subscribers card is blocked or has surpassed its limit on the date of their renewal, you need not worry! Muvi automatically charges the card back in a week’s time, all this without clicking a single button!


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Analytics & Reports

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Analytics & Reports

Muvi provides complete reporting and analytics of your subscription base and Video Streaming Platform. Track each subscriber watch time, most watched Shows and improve your strategies by having an analysis for a much more comprehensive report. So, track, analyse, plan and strategize your video platform’s subscription base at ease.

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No Revenue Share with anyone

You get everything with Muvi’s Video Streaming Platform without sharing a single revenue with Muvi. All your subscription revenues are directly linked to your bank account and Muvi has no intervention towards it whatsoever. Sit back, Relax and let the Muvi magic work.


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Sell Subscription Bundles

With Muvi you can easily create and sell subscription bundles. So if you have a group of content and you would like to offer just that under Subscriptions instead of an entire library, then you can create Subscription Bundles and sell it easily! E.g. Offer your viewers to subscribe to just an "Action Pack" of Subscription where they can only watch all their favourite action movies month on month.

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End user support

Admins can view and manage user subscriptions using the "end user support" feature. They can perform management tasks such as adding a free user, canceling a user subscription, deleting a user, managing devices, assisting in password reset, etc. They can also view transaction history including subscription due, pre-orders, bundled subscriptions, etc.

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Manage Subscription Plans

On Muvi, you can create and manage multiple subscription plans. Your platform may have a basic plan with restricted access to your library or a limited number of streaming devices priced at $3.99 per month; and at the same time a $10 per month-premium plan with unlimited, unrestricted access. Muvi lets you configure all content, user access, and price-related attributes on your platform and streamline your monetization process.

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Auto-payment Reminder

Streamlining payment procedure even further, Muvi enables automatic payment reminder to your subscribers. You can set a reminder time-frame for your user accounts, and the platform will automatically trigger the reminder when the configured conditions are met.

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