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Cord-Cutting Trend A Boon For The Likes Of Apple & Akamai 22 September 2015


The percentage of U.S. online households that don’t pay for cable or satellite TV service rose to 18.3% in the third quarter from 14.1% a year ago and 10.9% two years ago, according to the latest survey by Robert W. Baird & Co.

The Baird study is further evidence of cord-cutters and cord-nevers. Cord-cutters are people who have canceled their pay-TV service. Cord-nevers are mostly millennials who have never signed up for pay-TV service and use video streaming platforms like Netflix instead.

Over the past two years, Baird has surveyed 1,500 consumers every six months on their video and broadband consumption habits. The surveys are conducted online and skew to younger consumers, so the percentage of cord-cutters is likely over-represented. Still, the general trend is instructive, Baird analyst William Power said in a report about the August survey results.

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