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Disney to launch ESPN OTT via Apple iOS, Android, and Chromecast 08 February 2018

As quoted by Bob Iger, CEO, Disney, the long-awaited stand-alone ESPN OTT service is priced at $4.99 a month and will be available this spring, via Apple iOS, Android, and ChromeCast as the initial platform.

The app will have three main features, which are personalized scores, highlights, and news, live streaming of the existing linear networks and the new “ESPN Plus” component. The company plans to invest in original content that will be made exclusively for the app.

Iger, quoted, “The technological guts of the existing ESPN app are being completely re-done. The new one will offer sports fans a greatly expanded array of content, including countless scores and highlights, plus podcasts and several live streams. MVPD subscribers will be able to access the app for free, while ESPN Plus subscribers will pay the monthly fee.

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