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Eastern European OTT revenue set to rise in 2023 21 August 2018

Eastern European OTT revenues set to rise in 2023

According to research reports, OTT revenues for 22 Eastern European countries will reach $3.51 billion in 2023, triple the amount $1.01 billion recorded in 2017. Russia will account for 40 percent of the region’s OTT TV episode and movie revenues, while Poland is expected to generate 23 percent.

The report further states that subscription VoD services became the region’s largest OTT revenue source in 2017. The SVOD revenues will most likely touch $2.25 billion by 2023 (64 percent of total OTT revenues), up from $515 million in 2017 (51 percent of total OTT revenues). Russia is most likely to overtake Poland to become the SVOD revenue leader in 2018. Russia’s SVOD revenues is likely to jump 34 percent and will reach $766 million by 2023.

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