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Global broadband speeds go up by 15%, beneficial for video streaming providers 02 June 2017

Global Broadband Speeds increase by 15%

Global average broadband speeds have seen an unprecedented 15% rise in the past year which is great for OTT and IPTV providers. Broadband connections now have an average speed of 7.2Mbps. In 96 of the 149 countries/regions that Akamai tracks, a speed increase was noticed. South Korea with an average of 28.6Mbps held the top spot for connection speeds. Norway stood at 23.5Mbps and Sweden at 22.5Mbps. Hong Kong’s average speed was 21.9Mbps.

The US appeared in the top ten with an average of 18.7Mbps which was up by an amazing 22% compared to a year ago. 25 countries/regions now have an average speed of 15Mbps which is up from 23Mbps a quarter ago. Global average peak connection speed rose to 44.6Mbps, up 28% from a year ago with Singapore occupying top spot with 184.5Mbps. Mobile data traffic grew 70% from last year. In terms of mobile speed record, UK leads with an average connection speed of 26Mbps, followed by Cyprus (24.2 Mbps), Germany (24.1Mbps), Switzerland (22.4Mbps) and Finland (21.6Mbps). Read More

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