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iflix makes Football Malaysia free 06 February 2018

iflix, the Malaysian service provider has successfully cracked a deal with Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) and gets the right to live stream Liga Super, Piala Malaysia, and marquee Piala FA matches exclusively for football fans in Malaysia.

iflix and FMLLP will also collaborate for new content especially for football fans, including a series of entertainment and lifestyle original. According to iflix, the deal brings “Malaysian football back to the people.” The deal will see 200 million smartphone owners along with their friends and families getting access to premier Malaysian football.

Tunku Ismail, The Crown Prince of Johor, President and Chairman, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), quoted, “Football is the people’s game. It brings us together and can help to unite us. Malaysians everywhere should be able to enjoy it without restriction. With iflix, we have found like-minded partners and a key common goal; to return football to the people and restore its former glory.”


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