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With increase in TV viewing, YouTube viewers hits 1.5bn 27 July 2017


YouTube viewers has increased to 1.5 billion monthly which is the result of a rise in big-screen viewing as per company stats.

According to Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, people are watching an average of 60 minutes a day of YouTube on their phones and tablets. He also added that YouTube watch time on TV screens has almost doubled year-on-year.
Alphabet which is Google’s parent company reported an increase of 21% year-on-year in revenues to US$26.0 billion. Net income came to US$3.52, down from US$4.88 billion a year earlier owing to the impact of the US$2.7 billion European Commission fine, which was accrued in Q2 2017.

The EC charged Google with abusing its dominance as search engine by giving “illegal advantage to own comparison shopping service,” putting it breach of EU antitrust rules.  Read More

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