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Infograph : Multi-Platform Viewing in the US has gone up, claims Comscore

As fewer people are tuning into linear TV, more of then are getting their viewing fix online, whether it’s watching the same TV content online via services like Hulu or web-native content on video streaming platforms like YouTube.

According to these infographics from ComScore, live viewership has been in a steady decline for the past several years, while a significant majority of US internet users are watching video content on the web. Read the entire story here.

VMXMP_Infographic_1Everywhere_US_MAR2015 VMXMP_Infographic_2Audiences_US_MAR2015 VMXMP_Infographic_3MillennialsSmartphones_US_MAR2015 VMXMP_Infographic_4VideoBigger_US_MAR2015 VMXMP_Infographic_6TabletOtt_US_MAR2015

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