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Interruptions Spell Doom For OTT Video 30 November 2015

It is pretty obvious for a fact that if an OTT service does not deliver video to your device properly, you are likely to uninstall it forever. A new survey by Conviva defines this in numbers.


The result was again very obvious as one in five (20%) people admitted that they abandon poor experiences immediately while one in 5 (20%) people said that if they have a bad experience they will not return to the service again.

The results remain proportional for poor picture quality just like they are for excessive interruptions, with a minor difference of 2-3% in various categories. While a good 10% are willing to give it another shot, the other 90% say they maintain the churn and select only the good OTT video services.

Source : Rethink Research

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Roshan Dwivedi

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