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IPTV on the rise in Latin America 18 July 2017


FTTH connections in LATAM account for one in 10 internet homes thereby improving accessibility to (over-the-top) OTT video platforms and IPTV.

Fixed broadband connections reached 68.11 million by end of Q1 2017 according to research by Dataxis which is a 5.9% year-on-year increase. 35.8% of households were found to have High-speed connections.

DSL accounted for 51.5% but is steadily losing subscribers as it is being replaced by FTTH. Fibre connection represented 10.6% of connected households in Q1 2017. 37.9% of these connected households were still using a cable modem. Top five markets of LATAM represented 81.8% of the total connections. Brazil comprised of 35.9%, followed by Mexico(23.1%), Argentina (10.1%), Colombia (8.3%) and Chile (4.4%). Read More

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