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Key Market Predictions You May Have Missed at NAB 2015 23 April 2015


Last week, at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, broadcasters discussed the evolving market and how to adapt to changing viewer habits. Becoming the successful Broadcaster of Tomorrow requires a deep understanding of the millennials driving change in the industry and how to prepare for the fast-approaching digital-first era. The right online video streaming Platform can also help broadcasters reach out to this unpredictable audience and keep viewers entertained and engaged.

This year’s NAB ended on a high note with broadcasters banding together to discuss how to address the evolving broadcasting industry. The internet has given today’s viewers the freedom to watch their favorite shows and movies on every screen. In fact, many of these viewers have chosen to ditch cable completely. Recent studies by comScore and Experian show that one in four millennials have cut their cable cords or never had cable at all. With millennials demanding more TV — like OTT video services on all their devices, broadcasters are racing to become the leading Broadcaster of Tomorrow.

So, why is becoming the Broadcaster of Tomorrow important? A new digital-first future is just around the corner, and soon enough, we predict that nearly 100 percent of content will be available online. Today, broadcasters can get away with dabbling in specific online content offerings, but tomorrow, broadcasters will need to deliver every piece of content seamlessly and instantly on every device and platform.

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