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Linear TV, digital video ad models come closer as premium video unification advances 19 June 2017


According to the Q1 2017 Video Monetisation Report (VMR) from advertising management solution provider FreeWheel, video monetization arising from live streams which mirror linear TV is on the rise.

Desktop viewing makes up for 32% of ad view composition but it is lagging in Europe and is currently at 19%. Europe has witnessed the actual arrival of live video monetization via digital ad insertion. According to FreeWheel, most of this growth is propelled by live events, with monetization on clips witnessing 29% growth since broadcasters user teasers of content to increase their audience and maintain the current viewership. Ad views grew by 17% and there was a 79% growth in video in Europe in the first three months of the year. Programmatic channels were responsible for almost one quarter of all European video transactions.

Premium video ad views in Europe are seeing an ongoing growth on smartphones according to the survey with a 29% year-on-year increase and also on tablets (66%). Read More

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