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IPTV adds $25 billion to Global Video Industry 28 September 2016


The massive shift that IPTV and video streaming services have created in the world of technology and entertainment is now showing its effects on the business of content creation other than audience disruption. According to a new Boston Consulting Group, IPTV and video streaming services have contributed 425 billion in global revenues to the video industry.

OTT services account to about 5% in the $500 billion global video business. Netflix the biggest player in the market has up its original content spending from $5 billion this year to more than $6 billion in 2017. The demand for original and high quality OTT content has surged in the volume of high quality production. The number of original production in the US has risen up from to 400 in 2015 from approx 200 in 2009.

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