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Netflix surpassed cable TV in terms of number of subscribers in the U.S 20 June 2017


Netflix has put an end to the dominance of cable TV. According to Statista and Leichtman Research Group, at the end of March 2017, cable TV had 48.6 million subscribers v/s 50.9 million Netflix subscribers according to the Statista and Leichtman Research Group, which tracks large cable operators such as Comcast, Charter, Altice, Mediacom and Cable ONE. Including other big streaming services such as Hulu which have 12 million paid subscribers at the end of May, the transition from cable TV to streaming will be much more prominent.

Cable TV is pricier than Netflix and other subscription based platforms for video on demand. The average extended cable package that includes standard channels such as Fox News and ESPN is about 69.03 dollars a month as opposed to the standard package of Netflix that is worth 9.99 dollars per month in the U.S.

Some customers have Netflix as well as pay TV. Some of them have cable TV that gives access to Netflix (Comcast). The subscriber base of Netflix is still low compared to satellite operators like DirecTV and Dish Network, TV services from telecoms like Verizon Fios and Internet-based services like SlingTV and DirecTV Now. Read More

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