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New platform called Mini Theater launched by YuppTV 16 May 2017

YuppTV Mini Theater

YuppTV which is an OTT content provider in South Asia has launched a new movie platform called Mini Theater. This platform will feature newly released movies. According to YuppTV founder and CEO Uday Reddy, newly released Indian movies is very often only limited to few selected geographies across the world and sometimes limited to only the Indian subcontinent. Hence users outside these geographies miss out on high-quality and entertaining movies. However this situation will change with the launch of Mini Theater whereby users outside of India too will have the opportunity to access new Indian movie releases. It will also benefit filmmakers who could showcase their movies to a global audience in spite of exorbitant investments for overseas release.

DRM is deployed by YuppTV as a security measure to prevent piracy mandating an access to watch the content. If a movie is played outside YuppTV, the viewer will be immediately detected with the watermark technology and a heavy penalty will be levied.

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