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Number of free content downloaders in Denmark reduce to 24% 27 February 2018

Good content comes at a cost and the hunger for good content is certainly there among Dutch OTT consumers. Only 24% of Dutch people have downloaded free video content such as films, series, music, or games during last year, a 17% decrease from 2013.

The increasing popularity of online video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and growing demand for music streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play Music have witnessed a significant growth.

The report which revealed that men download more online content than women has also claimed that different download methods such as peer-to-peer (P2P) have fallen sharply in their use. The use of newsgroups remained the same at 6 percent in October 2017, while 2 percent of Dutch people suggest they have used an FTP server over the past year to download free content.


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