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Online Video Companies Quest For The Holy Grail Of Personalized Content 03 August 2015


Five years from now, a viewer will turn on his or her television and see a host of content being offered that is tailored specifically to that individual. Not just a list of cable programs that are on, but a host of selections from TV programming to OTT content, to lifestyle and shopping recommendations — all changing to suit the time of day or even the viewer’s mood, so to speak. At least, that’s what content providers want to happen.

If it seems as if the latest buzzword in the OTT dictionary is personalization, that’s because this aspect of content discovery is fast becoming an important component of providers’ search and recommendation platforms. The term itself has been around for a few years. But as consumer demand for content continues to grow, and as both traditional operators and new OTT video services look to stand out in the IP video space, personalization of content is now a driving concern.

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