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Online viewing gets a boost with mobile devices 20 July 2017


Online video viewing will increase 20% in 2017 as per advertising giant Zenith which means global consumers will spend about 47.4 minutes a day viewing videos online this year which is up from 39.6 minutes in 2016.

As per Online Video Forecasts 2017, it is estimated that UK consumers will watch an average of 53.3 minutes a day of online video, an increase from 47.9 last year. Viewing on mobile devices will rise from 10.9 to 20.3 minutes.

In 2018, mobile video viewing will grow 25% averaging to 29 minutes a day and by 29% in 2019 which is due to the spread of mobile devices, improved displays and speedier mobile data connections. By 2019, mobile devices will likely account for 72% of all online video viewing, up from 61% in 2017.

According to forecasts by Zenith, online video advertising will grow by 23% in 2017 to $27.2 billion, up from $22.2 billion in 2016. In the UK, it predicts a rise to £1.7 billion from £1.1 billion in 2017.Annual growth peaked at 37% in 2014, and has since fallen gradually as online video advertising has grown in scale. It forecasts 21% growth in 2018 and 17% growth in 2019, when online video ad expenditure will likely reach $38.7 billion. Read More

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