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EU regulates OTT players to offer 30% European content 05 September 2018

OTT players operating across the European continent including industry behemoths Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have to ensure at least 30% of the programming offered in Europe is produced in EU countries. The target can be achieved by commissioning European content, buying existing TV shows and movies – or by paying into national film funds, an approach currently taken in Germany.

Roberto Viola, Head of the European Commission department that regulates communications networks, content and technology, said “The new rules, which will also demand visibility and prominence of European product on streamers are on track to be approved in December. We just need the final vote, but it’s a mere formality.” 

It would be interesting to know the response of the SVOD services as the new rule suggests, companies will have 20 months to comply, and individual countries can set the quota as high as 40% if they wish. Also, countries have options to set smaller quotas for content produced in their own country.

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