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OTT subscribers willing to pay more to continue with their preferred streaming service 19 June 2017

OTT Subscribers Willing to Pay more to Continue Service

As per IBB Consulting, 61% subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) subscribers will spend $2 or more to continue with their favorite streaming service and 81% would like to spend to subscribe to a new service that they found interesting.

Over half of paid over-the-top (OTT) users – 51% were found to subscribe to more than one SVOD service. 18% most likely consisting of millennials subscribed to three or more. 29% of paid OTT video subscribers were likely to add another paid service within the next 6 months. 61% of SVOD subscribers would like to pay at least 20% in addition to their current subscription price for their favorite service. About 47% of paid subscribers would like to add live TV streaming to the mix. Read More

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