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OTT viewing doubled in 2017

According to a study, global viewing of streaming over-the-top(OTT) video content has doubled up since last year reaching 12.6 billion hours. While more than 2.4 billion devices were used for OTT viewing, the U.S. alone contributed 58% of the total online video consumption with Europe (21%) and Asia (19%) bagging the second and third spot, respectively.

The study also reveals that while live sports and original content dominated viewer’s preference, Xbox and Roku displayed the highest completion rate for video programming at 46%, with a 71% growth in viewing time per device.

Coming to the quality aspect, the report states that of the 47.1 billion attempts to start watching a video, 38.8 billion were successful with a video taking an average 4.84 seconds to start. The buffering issue, however, is still a concern though improved slightly than the previous year.

Among other facts, in the U.S. there are 1.04 billion unique streaming apps on devices, with 2.2 apps per devices and 2.9 devices per person.

The study measures seven out of the top 10 SVOD providers in the US and other OTT providers globally.



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