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OTT Viewing trends – TiVo Report 19 June 2017


Let’s take a look at some insights based on TiVo’s Q1 2017 Video and Pay-TV Trends report based on a survey conducted on 3,100 consumers.

1) OTT User Experience vs. Pay-TV User Experience:

TiVo revealed what drives the growth of OTT services and as per their survey, 57.7% of Netflix subscribers indicated the ability for each household member to have their own profile as their favorite Netflix feature whereas 40.7% indicated that they liked Netflix recommended content based on previous viewing habits.
– 15.2% of pay-TV subscribers were more satisfied with the video recommendations feature compared to those without them.
– Pay-TV providers were perhaps unable to roll out user experience upgrades such as recommendations as quickly as streaming services are able to roll them out since streaming services have the technical capability to test/update UIs more easily and rapidly.

2) Building own skinny package: 77.3% of those surveyed prefer paying for only the channels they watch. Ideal price per channel since Q3 2016 has also been covered in this report which suggests an emerging trend that prices are declining.
Breakdown of Q1 2017 à la carte results by region:

– U.S: The average price respondents are willing to pay for the top 20 channels is $28.31 which is a slight q/q decrease and a 14% increase from the last two quarters.

– Canada: For top 20 channels, respondents are willing to pay about $25.56 which is a 9.2% decrease q/q and 20.1% decrease over the last two quarters.

3) Are Consumers Viewing Sports Over-the-Top? – 34.3% of respondents are “always” or “sometimes” frustrated when they try to look for their favorite team or sporting events in general.

Sports content is being offered to viewers by Social and OTT services which is a new threat to pay-TV providers.
13.5% viewed live sporting events on a social media network like Twitter or Facebook.
Top events watched from the sporting events were National Football League (NFL) – 48% and National Hockey League (NHL) – 30.7%

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