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VOD, OTT, Music & Gaming to overtake traditional media in India by 2022 06 April 2017

According to a recent EY media report, digital media may overtake traditional by 2021-22 as the broadband and smartphone penetration increases. Broadband penetration will be equals to one third of the smartphone penetration by 2021-22 and the costs will come at parity to enable the digital media growth, stated the report.

According an eMarketer research, Indian spend around two-and-half hours a day on traditional media, compared to an hour spent on the digital media. This is because the case in India is reverse of the case in US on the costs of broadband and cable services. In the US a cable pack costs US$80-90 a month, whereas broadband costs US$ 20-30, and in India cable subscription costs Rs. 250 and broadband Rs. 500-1000.

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