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Polish SVOD market transformed by Netflix, Showmax, and Amazon Prime 26 January 2018

Polish internet users are quite catching up when it comes to online video consumption as 94% of Polish internet users watch long-form videos with 24% watching daily.

According to study, users who watch videos on a daily basis are aged 15-24 (29%) and 25-34 (28%); and men represented more than women.

Also, studies reveal that torrents are losing their sheen in Poland with 21% of internet users availing the service, a gradual decrease of 3% since 2015.

Furthermore, Polish OTT viewing has been stabilized with 77% of internet users consuming online content in both 2016 and 2017.

The Polish SVOD market has been transformed by streaming giants Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Showmax, etc. There is high recognition of these brands among Polish internet users with 63% in the case of Netflix, exceeding HBO GO which stands at 60%.

Another significant thing is that growing popularity of VOD services in Poland has been independent and they have not yet benefited from cord cutting or cord shaving.  

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